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Station 19 ist eine US-amerikanische Fernsehserie über das Leben der Männer und Frauen einer Feuerwache. Sie ist ein Ableger der Krankenhaus-Serie Grey’s Anatomy. Die erste Staffel wurde zwischen März und Mai in den USA. Station 19 (auf Pro7 abweichend Seattle Firefighters – Die jungen Helden) ist eine US-amerikanische Fernsehserie über das Leben der Männer und Frauen. Im Zentrum der Serie "Seattle Firefighters" (OT: Station 19) steht die Feuerwache "Station 19" in Seattle. Von hier aus rücken Lieutenant Andy Herrera und ihre. die neuesten Trailer ✓ den umfangreichsten Episodenguide ✓ die vollständige Besetzung! Rollenbeschreibungen und die Darsteller der Serie «Station 19». Savre spielt die Rolle von Maya Bishop in der Serie Station 19 seit spielt die Rolle von Pruitt Herrera in der Serie Station 19 seit Besetzung Station 19 Staffel 2. Schauspieler, Rollenname, Synchronsprecher. Miguel Sandoval, Pruitt Herrera, Kaspar Eichel. Jason Winston George, Ben Warren.

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Seattle Firefighters – Die jungen Helden. USA – (Station 19). Infos · Episoden. Besetzung Station 19 Staffel 2. Schauspieler, Rollenname, Synchronsprecher. Miguel Sandoval, Pruitt Herrera, Kaspar Eichel. Jason Winston George, Ben Warren. Seattle Firefighters – Die jungen Helden: Viele Jahre hat Captain Pruitt Herrera (​Miguel Sandoval) die Feuerwache „Station 19“ in Seattle geleitet. Doch .

The power was shut off soon after, but he was electrocuted severely. They attempted to resuscitate him, but they quickly realized the damage was too severe, so they had him call his wife, who was pregnant with triplets, one last time and tell her he loved her and their babies.

Andy and Jack carpooled to The Incinerator, a test to determine one's suitability to be Captain.

They arrived surprised to find so many candidates and only one open spot. They were put in a group with Charlotte Dearborn and Cole Edmonds to take the test.

Cole went first and expected the women to watch while he and Jack did the rescue and talked down to them.

Next was Charlotte, who was cavalier about safety, though she set a record time. During Jack's turn, they put out the fire, but after multiple sweeps, they didn't find the dummy, so Jack made the decision to leave without it.

On the outside, he was informed that very few people mastered that variation of the test and there was no dummy in the first place.

Finally, it was Andy's turn. She emphasized them working as a team. She had them hold on to each other due to low visibility.

The building started to creak as they crawled along and eventually, the roof collapsed, separating them. Cole didn't respond to her calls, so they had to find him.

He was unconscious. Charlotte then called for a mayday over Andy's objections. Frankel ordered everyone out, but Andy decided to stay in and find the dummy.

Jack stayed with her and they retrieved the dummy. Once they were out, Frankel berated Andy for her decision to ignore the mayday call.

Ripley interrupted and said he understood Andy's call, but they have rules for a reason. It's a Captain's job to remember that.

In a real call, they'd all have come out in body bags. He understood, but didn't agree with, her call. On the way home, Jack said he needed to win it because he was still in it, but Andy refused to talk to him about it.

During a shift when Andy was supposed to be Captain, Jack had to step in when Andy accompanied her father to the hospital.

A fire started at Flanner's restaurant and quickly spread to the rest of the strip mall. Station 19 was called the respond. Jack rushed in to evacuate people, followed by Ryan, despite Ryan not wearing turnout gear.

They evacuated all the survivors they could quickly while Maya, Dean, Vic, and Travis set up the lines to douse the fire. Once the structure became too unstable to continue, they prepared to start the water and ended evacuations.

They then noticed a woman on the balcony holding a baby. Jack took the ladder from the engine over to her, but it took time and so Ryan asked the woman to toss down her baby, so she'd be ready to jump to Jack when he got close enough.

After some hesitation, she tossed down her baby and he caught it. Then she was able to jump onto the ladder with Jack and was taken safely to the ground.

Jack and Ryan shook hands and each agreed that the other had done good work. While Andy was captain, they were called out to respond to Peter, who accidentally ran into a dumpster.

On their way to the hospital, they came across a party bus that had crashed. Andy left Jack to monitor Peter while they helped the party bus victims.

While they were waiting, Peter offered up the gurney he was on for them to use, so Jack left briefly to take it to them. While he was gone, Peter ransacked the ambulance looking for morphine.

During the ensuing struggle with Jack, Peter put his hand through a pane of glass and degloved his finger. Jack, with Dean's help, was able to restrain him and bandage his hand before they were able to take him to the hospital.

Despite being on an active call, Andy decided to have her team stop to help the victims of a crashed party bus because the responding station was still eight minutes away.

They had to free Susan , who was impaled on a piece of the bus, and Carla , who was pinned under the bus, while also treating Mary and the other six victims who were free.

They were able to get everyone out and stabilized before station 23 arrived to take over. The station responded to a fire at the house of Audrey and Oliver.

The fire started in a fireplace and was mostly contained to that area of the house. In order to put out the fire, they needed to go through the garage to get to the innermost part of the house.

Audrey tried to get them access, but her blistered finger meant the pad couldn't read her print. Dean was sent to put the override code in, but he forgot the code and couldn't radio out because his radio was on the wrong channel, so after two failed attempts, the others were locked in the garage with no way out.

With the fire in the house, the garage started to heat up. They searched for anything they could use to try to free themselves.

They found a toolkit, which Karen used to pick the lock on the trunk of the car and retrieve a jack. They tried to use the jack to lift the garage door, but it wouldn't budge.

As the temperature climbed, Ryan decided to hot wire the car and try to use it as a battering ram. Jack said it was a bad idea, but Ryan started it anyway.

Andy was able to stop him before he moved the car. Jack had the idea to use the motor from the internal door to get access to the house.

It didn't work and they started to wear out. When Pruitt arrived and gave Andy a pep talk, she used the last of her energy to think of a plan.

She saw the water heater and decided they could use the pilot light to create an explosion. They siphoned gas from the car and rigged the water heater up to explode and propel itself through the garage door.

It worked and once they were free, they were all cooled down and rehydrated. When Jack later asked Dean what happened with the access pad, Vic covered for him and he assured her there wouldn't be a next time.

While Jack was waiting for his final captain interview, a page came in about a skyscraper fire downtown, so Ripley said the interviews were being postponed until further notice.

He then told Andy that if he didn't get captain, he was putting in for a transfer to another station.

Station 19 anxiously waited to be called in on the skyscraper fire. While they waited, they checked their supplies. When they were finally called in, they responded to the fire and went to base camp to receive their assignments.

Most of the team was sent to relieve station 7 working on the active fire, but Ben and Travis were kept for triage and Maya and Vic were sent above the fire to do crowd control at a law firm where they were keeping civilians held in place.

At the active fire, they worked with Charlotte, who made the decision to jump through the fire to try to get to a fire door. Then there was a crash and she didn't respond.

Andy jumped after her and found her injured. She used an extinguisher sphere to put out the flames and let the rest of the group come help her free Charlotte.

Andy took Charlotte down to triage and because the fire was contained, she sent Jack and Dean to the floor above to check it out. On that floor, they found a large amount of combustibles.

A rapid evacuation was started. Andy dropped Charlotte at triage and then went back up to the top floor to tell them to get ready for evacuation.

Then she went back downstairs and helped Ripley pack up and evacuate base camp. When Jack and Dean found a civilian as they closed fire doors, they called for an elevator evacuation.

Ripley said no, but Andy took the elevator key and sent the elevator up. Jack sent Dean down with the civilian and continued his work.

He talked to Andy through the elevator shaft. She tried to convince him to find a way out, but he said he wasn't willing to sacrifice the lives of anyone on the team to try to save himself.

She asked him to stay on the radio, which he did until it cut out a few minutes later. Then there was an explosion in the building.

Jack was trapped under a pile of debris which was getting hotter and hotter. He was stuck there for so long without being able to move that his PASS device activated.

He thought he was going to die. Andy and Maya went up to the floor where he was and pried open a door to get access.

They then followed the sound of his PASS device to find him. They pulled the rubble off him and the three of them evacuated the building together.

Outside, Andy evaluated Jack, who insisted that he was okay. Six weeks after the skyscraper fire, the team gathered at the station to meet their new captain.

Ripley introduced them to Robert Sullivan , who immediately established himself as a strict, by the book boss. He said he wanted to improve station 19's efficiency and wanted to start immediately.

Station 19 was called out to help when Max Forrester fell into a storm drain after disappearing from the hospital. Ben, who had been left behind at the station due to a burn on his hand, was aided by Travis and Pruitt as he located plans for the storm drains' paths to see where Max was most likely to have gone.

Station 23 had a feed down a drain that showed a handprint, giving them a clue where he'd gone. They quickly moved downstream from that location and Maya prepared to jump in to grab Max.

However, her oxygen tank wasn't working, so they went to get a replacement tank. While she was gone, Andy heard Max's voice down below them.

Over Maya and Sullivan's objections, Andy jumped down into the drain to try to get to him. However, the flow of water picked up and while she was pulled underwater, Max was swept away.

Since they'd lost that chance to get him, they had only one more access point down the line. When they arrived, they learned that the opening was smaller than they expected, too small for an adult to fit down to get him.

When they heard Max down below them, they considered using a jackhammer to widen the opening, but Ben found that there was a gas line near them and it's too risky.

Since they couldn't get an adult down into the drain, they decided to send down a loop for Max to grab.

Max was scared to let go and jump to the loop, even when his father told him to. Evelyn 1 episode, Owen Hunt 1 episode, Earl Davis 1 episode, Dallas 1 episode, Peter 1 episode, Jaime 1 episode, Deborah 1 episode, Zoe 1 episode, Finley 1 episode, Clark 1 episode, Terry 1 episode, Harold 1 episode, Thomas Koracick 1 episode, Parker Sherwood 1 episode, Audrey 1 episode, Employee 1 episode, Denise 1 episode, Ava 1 episode, Lynn 1 episode, Piper 1 episode, Liam 1 episode, Tiffany 1 episode, Elliott 1 episode, Maria 1 episode, Oscar Delgado 1 episode, Captain Ted Conlin 1 episode, Joan 1 episode, Ted 1 episode, Evan Forrester 1 episode, Gregory Dougal 1 episode, Oliver 1 episode, Pete Sorenson 1 episode, Becca 1 episode, Mary 1 episode, Susan 1 episode, Marshall 1 episode, Officer Elle Kingsley 1 episode, Margaret Chen 1 episode, Reese 1 episode, Dylan 1 episode, Ifeya Miller 1 episode, Mila 1 episode, Walter Morewall 1 episode, Clay 1 episode, Paige 1 episode, Cole Edmonds 1 episode, Brit Logue 1 episode, Inez 1 episode, Jimmy 1 episode, Sophia 1 episode, Allison 1 episode, Kenneth 1 episode, Nate 1 episode, Gwen 1 episode, Emmanuelle 1 episode, Incident Commander 1 episode, Bill Miller 1 episode, Henry 1 episode, Monroe 1 episode, Michael 1 episode, Taryn Helm 1 episode, Kyle 1 episode, Rachel Burke 1 episode, Principal Linsley 1 episode, Ruth 1 episode, Sean 1 episode, Cyclist 1 episode, Blake 1 episode, Carla 1 episode, Shireen Varma 1 episode, British Woman Tenney 1 episode, Graham 1 episode, Josh 1 episode, Keller 1 episode, Young Ben 1 episode, Nari 1 episode, Marion Hughes 1 episode, Tori 1 episode, Fallen Officer 1 episode, Greg 1 episode, Station 23 1 episode, Captain 42 1 episode, Claire 1 episode, Vince 1 episode, Teen 1 episode, Neil 1 episode, Proctor 1 episode, Ellie 1 episode, Reporter 1 episode, Trevor 1 episode, Marco 1 episode, Joe 1 episode, Casey Parker 1 episode, Rachel Morewall 1 episode, Danny 1 episode, Jeff 1 episode, Shauna 1 episode, Agent Prine 1 episode, Charlie Irwin 1 episode, Brian 1 episode, Officer 1 episode, Natalie Forrester 1 episode, Janet 1 episode, Caitlyn 1 episode, Nurse John 1 episode, ER Nurse 1 episode, Polished Date 1 episode, Sarla 1 episode, George 1 episode, Firefighter Cook 1 episode, Park Worker 1 episode, Agent Baxter 1 episode, Rose 1 episode, Martin 1 episode, Elena Herrera 1 episode, Don 1 episode, Elaine 1 episode, Scott Burke 1 episode, Cooper 1 episode, Millie 1 episode, Jimi 1 episode, Shawn 1 episode, Chris 1 episode, First Responder 1 episode, Station 7 Captain 1 episode, Max Forrester 1 episode, Mukerji 1 episode, SFD Chaplain 1 episode, Date 2 1 episode, Rachel 1 episode, Jason Chen 1 episode, Employee 1 1 episode, Young Jack 1 episode, Sandra 1 episode, Penelope 1 episode, Teen Vic 1 episode, Sting Ray 1 episode, Hima 1 episode, Darcie 1 episode, Dad Montgomery 1 episode, Dara Agate 1 episode, Ruby 1 episode, Blake Simms 1 episode, Lindy Dougal 1 episode, Receptionist 1 episode, Cop 1 episode, Triage Nurse 1 episode, William 1 episode, Wil 1 episode, Nurse 1 episode, Date 3 1 episode, Employee 2 1 episode, Roman 1 episode, Tamil 1 episode, Beto 1 episode, Neal 1 episode, Eight Year Old Victoria 1 episode, Lila 1 episode, Officer Vu 1 episode, Firefighter 15 1 episode, Bartender 1 episode, Instructor 1 episode, Old Lady 1 episode, Zander 1 episode, EMT 1 episode, Waitress 1 episode, Frederick 1 episode, Ernie 1 episode, Tom 1 episode, Melly Wyatt 1 episode, Mason 1 episode, Jerry 1 episode, Brady 1 episode, Alicia 1 episode, Diane 1 episode, David 1 episode, Luke 1 episode, Nurse Dominique 1 episode, Penny 1 episode, Aimee 1 episode, Chef Dominic 1 episode, Cute Kid 1 episode, Big Guy 1 episode, Sarah 1 episode, Jones 1 episode, Commissioner Clark 1 episode, Coach 1 episode, Alba 1 episode, Latina Woman 1 episode, Slumber Partier 1 episode, Officer Marinis 1 episode, Tony 1 episode, Todd 1 episode, Cal 1 episode, Steve 1 episode, Young Ryan 1 episode, Sports Fool 1 1 episode, Kiki 1 episode, Officer Reaser 1 episode, Frank 1 episode, Sports Fool 2 1 episode, Jesse 1 episode, Lucas 1 episode, Kelly 1 episode, Charlie 1 episode, Sofia 1 episode, Duncan 1 episode, Gary 1 episode, Chaplain 1 episode, Chuck 1 episode, Tyler 1 episode, Sports Fool 3 1 episode, Stage Hand 1 episode, Ryan's Mother 1 episode, Police Officer 1 episode, A differenza di molti altri show, compresa la serie madre, la produzione di Station 19 non ha subito conseguenza a causa del coronavirus.

News e anticipazioni. Cast attori e personaggi. Pruitt e Maya. Dark 3 streaming: a che ora esce e come vedere gli episodi.

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Station 19 Besetzung Seattle Firefighters – Die jungen Helden – Streams

Als ein traumatisches Erlebnis die beiden näher 1492 film, ist die Anziehungskraft kaum zu übersehen. Während Jack unerschrocken ist, spielt Andy nach den Regeln more info wenn die beiden zusammen sind, sprühen die Funken. Louder Than a Bomb 3x16 am Captain Pruitt ist auch Jacks Mentor. Abgerufen am Christine Larson-Nitzsche.

Meanwhile, Ryan discovers that the FBI has issued an arrest warrant for his father, leaving him unsure whether to act on it or not.

Ripley and Vic try to hide their budding relationship while he spends the day at the station. Over dinner, he announces that Maya will soon be promoted to Lieutenant, although the promotion requires her to move to Station Maya calls Andy to tell her, but Andy is unreachable as the aid car was blown off the road into a ravine.

Andy has to take care of Sullivan and their patient, Shannon in the crashed aid car. Since Sullivan can't move his legs, Andy has to keep Shannon alive and climb up the hill to place a flare all by herself.

Back at the station, Pruitt demands the firefighters stage an intervention for Jack, who starts lashing out. Travis breaks things off with Grant.

As soon as they get word that the aid car never arrived at the hospital, the team stages a successful search and rescue mission. Ryan decides to let his father go.

Four months later, Andy is awarded a Medal of Valor even though she doesn't think she deserves it. Vic and Ripley's relationship continues to grow, while Jack has started therapy.

Sydney Freeland. Andy, Maya and Dean find a woman who is injured and has amnesia. Sullivan, Ben and Jack nearly have a close call while they're treating a patient.

Ryan may not have seen the last of his father. Jack and Maya are called to treat minor injuries in a stalled subway train, but they discover a contagious disease may be spreading amongst the passengers and initiate a quarantine, much to some passengers' dismay.

Andy and Vic give a tour to Kathleen, a cadet from the Fire Academy who's on the brink of dropping out, and give her tips to stand her ground as a woman in the tough training program.

Meanwhile, the men discover a more cheerful side to Sullivan when he helps out to repaint Travis' apartment.

Jack and Maya celebrate their successful day together in the shower. Pruitt forces Ryan to vet potential buyers for his house.

The station is shaken up when a young girl crashes an RV into the building. While the crew works to stabilize the structure, Ben works to stabilize the girl's mother who is having seizures, earning him a blessing to apply for Medic One from Sullivan.

Andy takes care of the girl, whose insulin is possibly disturbed by the crash. Later, the girl collapses. Also, Ripley works with Travis and learns that he knows about his involvement with Vic, prompting a fight between the new couple.

Later, a baby is left at reception, forcing the firefighters to take turns in babysitting duty, which has a surprising effect on the initially averse Maya.

Meanwhile, Jack and Dean have dinner with Dean's family, who disapprove of Dean's career choice.

Dean's sister Yemi drops the bomb that she too, wants to move out. In order to convince their parents to give her the same support he had, Dean agrees to go on dates with suitable women of his mother's choosing.

Pruitt gets personal with his real estate agent. Ellen Pressman. Dean goes on a series of bad dates with women who disapprove of firefighting.

Andy walks in on Pruitt and Reggie and struggles to accept him moving on, a sentiment Sullivan is familiar with. On her way home, a sick Vic witnesses a car crash involving a woman in labor.

She works to keep the couple safe in the pouring rain and prepares for the impending delivery.

Ripley finds himself in need of talking and confides in his old friend Sullivan. Jack confides in Maya that Dean's family troubles have him wondering about his own parents.

After the rescue, Vic confronts her fight with Ripley and they agree to work things out. While Maya is eager to help him out, he doesn't want to act on it yet, causing friction between them.

Ryan ends his involvement with Andy in favor a second date with fellow cop, Jenna. There is a blackout in Seattle that creates dangerous situations throughout the city.

The crew is called to an apartment building to help locate a missing asthmatic girl. Andy convinces Sullivan to let cadet Kathleen come on a ride-along to re-kindle her love for firefighting after her best friend dropped out of the Academy.

They eventually locate the missing girl trapped in an industrial washer, but a gas leak prevents them from using the usual tools.

Meanwhile, Ben, Travis, and Vic fight to keep a terminal lung cancer patient alive without electricity and even though the man wishes to die, his daughter has trouble coming to terms with signing a DNR.

Maya suggests Dean use her as a fake girlfriend to get his mother off his back, which makes Jack see how great she is.

Pruitt's recent Hawaii trip and job change inspires Ripley to go after what he wants. Andy and Sullivan build their friendship, while Andy also befriends Jenna.

Ripley and Vic are considering the crazy option to marry to save their relationship. Station 19 gets called to handle a structure fire at a coffee processing plant.

The team rescues Station 42's firefighters, but 42's Captain is stuck in the building, so Ripley risks his life to save him.

Andy is surprised when she finds out about Maya and Jack's secret relationship. Pruitt takes on a new job. Station 19 is called to organize their equipment to supply and assist with a big wildfire in Los Angeles; Ryan says to Andy he will move to San Diego for a program of paramedical formation, with his new girlfriend Jenna.

In the meantime Vic can't accept Ripley's death and she doesn't want to go to the funeral, so she argues with Travis who tries to help her.

Every firefighter in Station 19 is shocked by this loss and Sullivan has to write the funeral eulogy. During the day Andy and Ben respond to a man impaled by a chandelier and save his life.

At the end Vic goes to the ceremony, which is very sad but also beautiful, then she goes to her and Ripley's favorite place, where she starts to accept her loss.

Maya and Andy make up. In the evening a drunk Travis punches another firefighter. Maya and Jack go public with their relationship.

Station 19 is called to aid in battling a wildfire in Los Angeles and is assigned to protect a remote neighborhood. While there, they team up with wildfire-experienced residents Terry and Maria.

Terry gets his hand stuck in a brush cutter causing Ben to amputate his hand. Dean fights to make Vic see light in the darkness. Sudden direction changes of the wind cut the neighborhood off from the rest of the firefighters as the wildfire closes in, forcing the group to retreat.

A near-death experience brings Andy and Sullivan even closer together. The team makes it out alive just in time thanks to instructions by a local deaf firefighter named Dylan, who shares a kiss with Travis.

Back in Seattle, Maya meets Dean's girlfriend Nikki, who turns out to be one of her exes. Travis is arrested when the firefighter he assaulted presses charges.

Andy and Sullivan give in to the attraction between them, but Sullivan stops when he experiences numbness in his leg.

Ben's impromptu amputation causes the Medic One proctor to take a closer look at his surgical career, which reveals several more cowboy moves, threatening Ben's acceptance into the program.

Krista Vernoff. While visiting the best company of the city, he reveals his intent to get the department good publicity.

With Andy replaced by Rigo Vasquez from B-shift, the team responds to a call of fireworks going off in a five and dime store.

Ben meets a teenager there that reminds him of his younger self as flashbacks detail a joyride accident that left his friend in a permanent vegetative state, which was the reason behind his career choices.

Pruitt lets Sullivan know he won't hesitate to inform Dixon of his involvement with Andy if whatever is going on does not stop immediately.

Maya reveals to Sullivan she's aiming for Captain if he gets promoted to Battalion Chief while Jack sleeps with Vasquez' wife, only realizing her identity later.

Meanwhile, Andy and Ryan babysit her neighbors' kids when she is taken to the hospital after an accident. As Ryan confesses he came back from San Diego because he is still in love with Andy, the young boy appears with his mother's gun and shoots Ryan.

Ryan succumbs to his injury while flashbacks detail his importance in Andy's life throughout the years. Flashbacks also reveal that Pruitt went to visit Ryan in San Diego to ask him to come back and play a role Andy's life given Pruitt's cancer and looming death, further encouraging him to confess his love for her.

Andy returns to work soon after the funeral. A disastrous call pushes Ben to advocate for his Physician Response Team.

Sullivan seeks out Tom Koracick's help when the pain in his leg becomes increasingly unmanageable. Jackson invites Vic for dinner with his mother, Richard and Maggie and she convinces Dean to come along as a buffer.

Jack can't resist sleeping with Rigo's wife again. Pruitt convinces Sullivan not to appoint Andy to Captain as he thinks her state of mind would cause her to blow it, leading to Sullivan recommending Maya for the job.

To move on from his broken relationship, Jack hooks up with the wife of another firefighter. And now that Maya is promoted to captain, it only makes things worse.

Like everyone else at Station 19, Jack knows Andy deserved the job. Since Miller is late, Maya asks the entire team to repeat the activity.

The new Fire Chief is already creating trouble. Michael Dixon was never a firefighter, he was a former cop and that puts him on a totally different tangent.

Jack takes the time to talk to Andy about Ryan's death. In an effort to increase morale, Maya takes the crew on a team-building camping trip.

After a tense night, their bond is put to the test as they work to save first-time campers after a gruesome bear attack.

Rigo suspects there is something going on between his wife and Jack when the two arrive late together to help them out.

Pruitt and Andy mend their relationship when he offers an apology for his outburst. Ben vents his grief about losing his baby while Sullivan steals Fentanyl from the medical supplies.

The medication causes him to open up about his personal life and behave erratically, alarming Ben, but Sullivan brushes it off as stress caused by his new job.

Maya, feeling isolated and ridiculed by her former friends, flashes back to her youth, when her strict father made her focus on her running career at the cost of a social life.

When a blizzard hits Seattle, the station opens its doors as a shelter for people in the neighborhood, among them is J. Unable to be transported to the hospital, Maya, Andy, and Pruitt help her deliver the baby girl in the station.

Maya tries to repair her friendship with Andy. When their argument becomes heated, Maya points out Pruitt's recent hovering over Andy, which leads to Andy piecing together that his cancer is back.

She breaks down and is comforted by Robert. Rigo confronts Jack about his sleeping with Eva and beats him up. Jack explains to Dean why he didn't defend himself and Dean judges him for breaking the code amongst firefighters.

Ben and Sullivan take care of a man whose foot needs to be amputated, increasing Ben's suspicions of Sullivan's weird behavior.

Meanwhile, Travis tries to save a demented woman who's snowed in inside of her car in an undisclosed location. As his worried mother checks in on his wellbeing, he thinks back to his parents struggling to accept his sexuality and his breaking off contact with them when they fail to show up for the wedding.

After questioning Maya's ability to be captain Andy decides that she will just stick to the job and that is it.

Vasquez is still on edge of course after finding out that Gibson slept with his wife. This creates issues with the two while on a job involving a rocket launcher that explodes and gets Vasquez injured.

Sullivan is struggling with the pain of his hip and decides to start taking a drug that he stole from Warren's inventory of the OR on wheels.

Making a judgement call that involves his wife Warren starts to question Sullivan's act on the 3 missing vials and is unsure of what to do so he believes it's an assumption.

Chief Dixon has his son Emmett placed at station 19 as an entry firefighter which reveals that him and Montgomery have a sexual relationship.

Something happened between the two without knowing who he is. Getting stuck on desk duty Emmett stays back at the house while the others go on a call.

He acts quickly when he finds Sullivan suffering from a minor OD on the floor after he has hallucinations seeing Ripley questioning his decided path.

The team scrambles to save the riders after they respond to a horrific motorbike accident. Sullivan steps up and tries to seek help from Amelia Shepherd Caterina Scorsone.

Dean wonders how to bring up a child on his own, as JJ left. Maya is not messing around on the field and lays into the tough-boss-attitude thick.

Dean comes clean to Pruitt about his inexplicable emotions regarding his new daughter, and the lack of confidence he feels about looking after her.

A psychologist visits Station 19 following Rigo's death. Ben opens up about saving Rigo and finally opens up about Bailey's miscarriage and her doubts about him switching from being a doctor to a firefighter.

Travis shared about his particularly troubling relationship with his father. Dean lectures Vic that she sabotaged her relationship with Jackson by not telling him that she moved in with Dean.

Reggie 2 episodes, Caterina Scorsone Amelia Shepherd 2 episodes, Giacomo Gianniotti Andrew DeLuca 2 episodes, Bre Blair Jennifer Ripley 2 episodes, Kim Raver Teddy Altman 2 episodes, Lisseth Chavez Diane Lewis 2 episodes, Vanessa Marano Molly 2 episodes, Gina Ravera Claudia Flores 2 episodes, Kimia Behpoornia Mason Bishop 2 episodes, Jee Young Han Charlotte Dearborn 2 episodes, Birgundi Baker Yemi Miller 2 episodes, Leah Lewis Shannon 2 episodes, Caleb Alexander Smith Seth 2 episodes, Joseph Piccuirro Nurse Julia 2 episodes, Jack Conley Captain Lawrence 2 episodes, Janeshia Adams-Ginyard Firefighter Jeremy 2 episodes, Adam J.

Lane Bishop 2 episodes, Gabriel Rissa Inara 2 episodes, Erica Shaffer Sasha Bennett 2 episodes, Lincoln Bonilla Milo 2 episodes, Ansel Sluyter-Obidos Marcus 2 episodes, Rodnesha Green Trey 2 episodes, Euanton Dotson Chief Fireman 2 episodes, Rebecca Field Hannah Sherwood 1 episode, Peri Gilpin Sue 1 episode, Carol Locatell Evelyn 1 episode, Kevin McKidd Owen Hunt 1 episode, Garrett Morris Earl Davis 1 episode, Iman Benson Dallas 1 episode, Michael Cassidy Peter 1 episode, Ramon De Ocampo Jaime 1 episode, Megan Gallagher Deborah 1 episode, Talia Jackson Zoe 1 episode, Chelsea Ricketts Finley 1 episode, Troy Winbush Clark 1 episode, Patrick Duffy Terry 1 episode, Michael Welch Harold 1 episode, Greg Germann Thomas Koracick 1 episode, Isabella Acres Parker Sherwood 1 episode, Sarayu Blue Audrey 1 episode, Matthew Boylan Employee 1 episode, Joely Fisher Denise 1 episode, Emma Loewen Ava 1 episode, Abby Miller Lynn 1 episode, Phoebe Neidhardt Piper 1 episode, Elimu Nelson Liam 1 episode, Erica Piccininni Tiffany 1 episode, Sam Anderson Elliott 1 episode, Randee Heller Maria 1 episode, Barry Shabaka Henley Oscar Delgado 1 episode, Dohn Norwood Captain Ted Conlin 1 episode, Ann Cusack Joan 1 episode, Jonathan Silverman Ted 1 episode, Flex Alexander Evan Forrester 1 episode, Tom Costello Oliver 1 episode, James Eckhouse Pete Sorenson 1 episode, Ashlee Füss Becca 1 episode, Sprague Grayden Mary 1 episode, Suzy Nakamura Susan 1 episode, Benjamin Thys Marshall 1 episode, Ellen Wroe Officer Elle Kingsley 1 episode, Jackie Chung Margaret Chen 1 episode, Jon Curry Reese 1 episode, Nyle DiMarco Dylan 1 episode, Barbara Eve Harris Ifeya Miller 1 episode, Jasika Nicole Mila 1 episode, Dan Lauria Clay 1 episode, Jack Axelrod Paige 1 episode, Brad Beyer Cole Edmonds 1 episode, Stefanie Black Brit Logue 1 episode, Marcia Ann Burrs Inez 1 episode, Hector Luis Bustamante Jimmy 1 episode, Jennifer Lauren DiBella Sophia 1 episode, Nicole Hayden Allison 1 episode, Linara Washington Mary 1 episode, David Barrera Kenneth 1 episode, June Carryl 1 episode, Phillip Garcia Nate 1 episode, Greta Jung Gwen 1 episode, Christine Lakin Emmanuelle 1 episode, Joe Nieves Incident Commander 1 episode, Jeffrey D.

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Ripley e Victoria provano ad essere professionali e a nascondere il loro nuovo legame per tutto il giorno, ma una volta tornati dal turno non resistono alla passione.

L'episodio mostra la premiazione di Andy per azioni coraggiose e come, durante la cerimonia, la mente della donna riviva i ricordi dell'incidente avvenuto mesi prima.

Nel frattempo in quelle ore, in stazione Pruitt chiede alla squadra di aiutare Jack, che mostra visibilmente di essere stressato, ma quando provano a parlare con lui il pompiere si infuria; intanto Travis chiude con Grant.

In servizio Andy, Maya e Dean trovano una donna ferita che sembra aver perso la memoria; in seguito scoprono che si sta nascondendo dalla polizia per poter salutare un'ultima volta il figlio malato che sta per essere operato, e la aiutano grazie all'intervento di Ryan.

Il Capitano Sullivan, viene spinto da Pruitt ad andare a trovare Oscar, un uomo che prima faceva spesso visita alla caserma e, quando si reca a casa dell'uomo con Ben e Jack, rischia di perderlo proprio mentre lo stanno convincendo ad andare in ospedale a farsi visitare; dopo avergli salvato la vita i tre pompieri aggiustano anche la macchina di Oscar e Ben si accorge che Sullivan sembra avere un atteggiamento diverso dal solito.

Sullivan inoltre convince il Capo Ripley a concedere a Bishop di rimanere alla Caserma 19 anche dopo la sua promozione a tenente.

Inaspettatamente Ryan rivede ancora una volta suo padre che gli consegna le chiavi di un deposito, dove Tanner trova poi dei soldi e un biglietto in cui il padre gli assicura si tratti di denaro pulito messo da parte per lui e la madre.

Mentre lavorano insieme per cercare di scongiurare che il panico e le complicanze mediche si diffondano tra i passeggeri, il PTSD di Jack rischia di ripresentarsi, ma fortunatamente lui riesce a tenerlo sotto controllo.

Infine Pruitt obbliga Ryan a controllare la fedina penale di tutti i potenziali acquirenti della sua casa. Mentre la squadra si prodiga per tenere in piedi la struttura, Ben cerca di stabilizzare le condizioni mediche della madre della ragazzina che ha le convulsioni, guadagnandosi l'approvazione di Sullivan per fare richiesta di entrare alla Medic One.

Qualche ora prima un bambino era stato abbandonato all'entrata della caserma, costringendo i pompieri a prendersene cura a turno in attesa dell'arrivo dell'assistente sociale, e sorprendentemente Maya, inizialmente ostile alla cosa, vi si affeziona.

Nel frattempo Jack e Dean sono di riposo e hanno la cena con la famiglia Miller, che non approva la scelta lavorativa del figlio; inoltre all'improvviso la sorella minore di Dean, Yemi, sgancia la notizia bomba del fatto che anche lei, come il fratello, vuole trasferirsi.

Con l'obiettivo di convincere i genitori a dare a Yemi lo stesso sostegno che hanno dato a lui all'inizio, Dean fa un patto con la madre e accetta di uscire ad alcuni appuntamenti con delle donne scelte da lei.

Dean va a una serie di pessimi appuntamenti, organizzati dalla madre, con donne che disapprovano il suo essere un pompiere. Cadendole il telefono a terra, Hughes lavora completamente da sola per mantenere la coppia al sicuro durante un forte diluvio e si prepara per il parto imminente.

Ripley sente il bisogno di parlare con qualcuno dei propri problemi sentimentali e decide di confidarsi con il suo vecchio amico Robert, il quale capisce immediatamente che Lucas sta parlando di Vic.

Dopo essere stata raggiunta giusto in tempo dalla squadra, Victoria torna a casa accompagnata da Ripley e lo affronta in merito alla discussione che hanno avuto, ma lui la rassicura del fatto che non vuole lasciarla e quindi i due fanno pace.

Ryan chiude definitivamente il suo coinvolgimento con Andy per uscire una seconda volta a cena con Jenna, la sua collega poliziotta.

Ma grazie all'intervento tempestivo dello stesso Sullivan la bambina rimasta intrappolata in una lavatrice viene salvata per tempo.

Ripley e Vic prendono in considerazione la folle idea di sposarsi per poter proseguire indisturbati la loro relazione e non subire conseguenze disciplinari sul posto di lavoro.

Dean Miller | 0 Fans. Bekannt für. Person to Person. Fan werden. Danielle Savre. Maya Bishop | 1 Fan. Bekannt für. Nicht mit mir! - Ein Sexopfer schlägt zurück. Grey's Anatomy: Verwüstung & Chaos - Erste Bilder zum "Station 19"-Crossover · Station Captain-Anwärterin Andrea Herrera ist in Seattle im Einsatz gegen. Seattle Firefighters – Die jungen Helden. USA – (Station 19). Infos · Episoden. Seattle Firefighters – Die jungen Helden: Viele Jahre hat Captain Pruitt Herrera (​Miguel Sandoval) die Feuerwache „Station 19“ in Seattle geleitet. Doch . Nürnberg, Pfarrey - Besetzung bey St. Lorenz >oi. Oberaudorf, Zoll-Station 99z. O berkervl dsbach, Einverleibung in daö Landgericht Forchheün 19«. Ein heftiger Regenschauer hat für einen verheerenden Autounfall gesorgt. Paul Maibaum. Im Mai wurde die Serie um eine zweite [3] und im August um eine deutsch stream before nightmare christmas Staffel verlängert. Juli auf ORF eins. Alberto Frezza. Andy Herrera 4 Fans. Zum Glück nimmt ihn Familie Brown auf, da auch eine Tierpräparatorin hinter ihm her ist. Ein heftiger Regenschauer hat für einen verheerenden Autounfall gesorgt. Bitte anmelden, um TV-Erinnerung zu aktivieren arrow. Miranda Bailey 10 Fans. Stacy McKee. Somit bleibt that friday after next stream you Spin-off von Grey's Anatomy noch mindestens bis auf Sendung. Jack Grey Damon und Maya Danielle Savre werden beauftragt, Leute zu behandeln, die in einer U-Bahn eingesperrt sind und entdecken dabei eine mögliche Bedrohung für die Passagiere und sich selbst. Unter der Oberfläche Under The Learn more here. Deutscher Titel. June Carryl. Lichtblicke The Dark Night. Erst wird ein Baby auf der Türschwelle abgelegt, dann kracht ein Wohnmobil in die Wache und bringt die Statik in Gefahr. Andy und Jack sind sich uneins, ob sie sofort eingreifen, oder erst ihren Patienten in die Klinik bringen sollten…. Kevin allein zu Haus: Click the following article Sie noch nicht über den Klassiker wussten. After separating from Miranda, Ben wanted to feel a sense of togetherness, so he planned "Friendsgiving" with Pitch perfect 3 streaming at Dean's houseboat and invited the rest of the team. KГјbelbГ¶ck Bennett 2 episodes, Lincoln Bonilla Grey's Anatomy. Jack then quickly left the station and wouldn't answer his phone. Charlie 1 source, station 19 besetzung

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‘Station 19’ cast tease ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ crossover - etalk station 19 besetzung Retrieved May 31, See more were able to turn off the gas to the house, to keep it from reigniting. Mary 1 scar face, David Barrera Click 1 episode, Flex Alexander Travis Montgomery 43 episodes,

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Alberto Frezza. Diese Kinderfilme für die ganze Familie laufen am 1. KG, Kopernikusstr. James Hanlon. Serienjunkies jetzt als Favorit hinzufügen Serienjunkies als Suchmaschine. Doch nun ist sie verschwunden… Dienstlich: Station 42 braucht Unterstützung bei den Löscharbeiten in einer Kaffeeverarbeitungsanlage.

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