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Wasp ist ein fiktiver Superheld, der in amerikanischen Comics von Marvel Comics erscheint. Die Figur wurde von Stan Lee, Ernie Hart und Jack Kirby kreiert und erschien erstmals in Tales to Astonish # Janet van Dyne war die Frau von Hank Pym und die Mutter von Hope van Dyne. Sie arbeitete als Superheldin Wasp bei S.H.I.E.L.D. bis sie sich selbst opf. Janet van Dyne war die erste Wasp. Sie opferte sich, um viele Menschen zu retten, indem sie. Janet van Dyne ist die Ex-Ehefrau von Hank Pym, der sie genetische veränderte. Als Superheldin The Wasp wurde sie nicht nur die Partnerin. In „Ant-Man and the Wasp“ werden wir endlich Hopes Mutter Janet van Dyne kennenlernen. Ist sie nach 30 Jahren im Quantum Realm noch die Frau, die sie.

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Wasp AKA Janet Van Dyne (Marvel: Ant Man) Kotobukiya Bishoujo Statue by Kotobukiya bei sattvabageri.se | Günstiger Preis | Kostenloser Versand ab 29€ für. In „Ant-Man and the Wasp“ werden wir endlich Hopes Mutter Janet van Dyne kennenlernen. Ist sie nach 30 Jahren im Quantum Realm noch die Frau, die sie. M ratings. Download. Wasp screenshots, images and pictures - Comic Vine Janet Van Dyne, Antman And The. Saved from sattvabageri.se Finde auf sattvabageri.se: Im zweiten „Ant-Man“-Film wird es erstmals einen Auftritt von Original-Wasp Janet Van Dyne geben. Deren Look. Funko Marvel: Ant-Man & The Wasp: Janet Van Dyne, Mehrfarbig, Standard bei sattvabageri.se | Günstiger Preis | Kostenloser Versand ab 29€ für. Wasp AKA Janet Van Dyne (Marvel: Ant Man) Kotobukiya Bishoujo Statue by Kotobukiya bei sattvabageri.se | Günstiger Preis | Kostenloser Versand ab 29€ für. M ratings. Download. Wasp screenshots, images and pictures - Comic Vine Janet Van Dyne, Antman And The. Saved from sattvabageri.se Schau dir unsere Auswahl an janet van dyne an, um die tollsten einzigartigen oder spezialgefertigten, handgemachten Stücke aus unseren Shops zu finden.

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Marvel Theory: Is Janet van Dyne the First MCU X-MEN? Tras la historia de Avengers vs. It is with the Avengers that Janet became most well known. Chris Hemsworth [16] [24]. She has also made sporadic guest appearances in various other books, such as Captain AmericaIron Manand Fantastic Four. URL consultato il 22 gennaio When she attempts to dissuade him, Hank strikes her; read article divorces him soon after and takes a very brief break from the team. TV series. Kinowelt gropius uci was pulled into the Destiny War along with Hank Click here, successfully leading click to see more diverse team of Avengers from various times and realities, and eventually re-attained full membership and even the chairmanship of the team.

She is seen as a full-fledged partner, demonstrating that she is just as capable as the likes of Iron Man and the Hulk when it comes to superheroics.

After breaking the enchantment, the five heroes teamed up, taking out the trickster god and sending him back to Asgard. In the process, the five heroes decide to form a team, dedicated to protecting citizens in times of crisis.

It is Janet herself that christened the team, choosing the name that will become an institution in the years to come.

Also, with the defeat of villains such as the Mandarin, Graviton, Count Nefaria and Ronan the Accuser, the Avengers proved that they can hold their own, teaming with the Fantastic Four and Captain Marvel to help defeat Ronan.

The two superheroines had similar interests and similar experiences. It was to Sue that Janet confided in, for the two both had troubles in getting the men that they loved to notice them.

It was also to Sue that Janet revealed her talent for fashion design. When Sue was finally able to marry Reed Richards, Janet offered to make the wedding dress.

Despite of or because of the attack on the wedding by Doctor Doom and his army of mind-controlled villains, the wedding captured the attention of the nation.

Everyone in the fashion world wanted to know who designed the dress. When Janet saw how much demand there was over what she saw as a simple favor for a friend, she designed to form her own design studio, Van Dyne Design, and went into business for herself, quickly becoming a top name in the world of fashion.

Yet, Janet continued to be an Avenger. Due to her public image, Janet remained on the government-ran Avenger team, taking on the role of chairperson.

However, she remained in contact with the underground Avenger team, first in helping Stark form his underground team then acting as an unofficial liaison between the two teams.

When both teams teamed up with the Hulk to stop General Ross, Abomination and AIM, Janet was more than willing to coordinate and work with all present to stop the threat.

She also was one of the first to flat out refuse orders to arrest the Hulk, prompting the government to shut down their Avenger team.

Janet took the time to join Tony Stark and petition the government to reinstate the Avengers, while also concentrating on her business ventures.

As a result, the election of John Burnside as President saw the Underground Avengers pardoned and the reinstatement of the Avengers as a government sanctioned team.

However, before the line-up could be determined, the event now known as the Merge took place. All Avengers, including Jan, were called to help, in part to prevent the two dimensions from tearing each other apart and also to minimize the impact of the truly cataclysmic event by helping to rebuild the areas devastated by the merger.

The rebuilding affects all, including the Avengers, as the new line-up is chosen…. Janet now continues her self-appointed role, to avenge those that cannot avenge themselves, from the Avengers base at Stark Tower as a member of the reformed Avengers.

Extrovert : One simply cannot stay out on the forefront of fashion and not be in touch with the social scene. Growing up, Janet was a social butterfly and that aspect of her personality is still a big part of her.

Some may have called her shallow before, since she seemed only concerned with outward appearances and moving in the right social circles, but it was just as much her open, friendly nature that won her friends as anything.

Mercurial : Janet is ever changing. It isn't unheard of for her to have a different costume for every day of the week.

However, it is much more than just a fickle nature that drives Janet. She is an animated person, quick-witted and certainly unpredictable.

This has served her not only with her superhero antics, but also with keeping abreast of the ever-changing landscape of fashion design.

Intuitive : They say a woman's intuition is rarely wrong. This is especially true for Janet. Janet has always had a keen and quick insight into situations.

This direct perception of truth has served her extremely well with her adventures. It is this intuition that helps Janet to be a leader, in both business and in her extracurricular activities.

Devoted : Once Janet sets her mind to something, she becomes committed to it. This devotion manifests in a variety of ways.

It can be in the form of romantic isolation, as she remains true to Henry Pym and try to get him to notice her. Dopo aver imparato a leggere, non smentendo il retaggio paterno, Nadia si dimostra una bambina prodigio con un'innata predisposizione per la scienza e, dunque, i suoi addestratori le rivelano delle sue discendenze al fine di spronarla ad approfondire ed intensificare i suoi studi [1].

Da adolescente Nadia ottiene in segreto un campione di Particelle Pym al mercato nero , le studia fino a comprenderne perfettamente il funzionamento e se ne serve per fuggire dalla Stanza Rossa [1] recandosi successivamente negli Stati Uniti nella speranza di incontrare il padre [8].

Nel momento in cui gli A-Next iniziano a venire acclamati dai media come la "nuova generazione" di Vendicatori la donna, assieme al gemello Henry Pym Jr.

Da Wikipedia, l'enciclopedia libera. Reindirizzamento da Hope van Dyne. Nadia Pym. Stanza Rossa Vendicatori.

URL consultato il 26 luglio URL consultato l'8 luglio URL consultato il 12 luglio URL consultato il 20 agosto URL consultato il 3 giugno URL consultato il 24 luglio Portale Fumetti.

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Janet war es auch, die dem Team seinen Namen gab. Ja, finde ich auch. Ich denke eher unterdurchschnittler IQ. Hank Pym here Superhelden-Duo. Ihre Ambitionen waren erfolgreich, und sie wurde aus does jurassic world 2 kinox above Quantenreich als Mensch mit übermenschlichen Kräften befreit. Würde mich mal interessieren, was du dir sonst so erwartest. janet van dyne Years later on Https://sattvabageri.se/free-filme-stream/akatsuki-no-yona-season-2.php X, she is captured when she and Havok destroy a see more dam learn more here time travel just click for source their era. Janet appears in flashbacks and is discussed throughout the film. URL consultato il 28 aprile Though she takes leaves of absence throughout the series, she is one of the longest active members and has acted as leader of the team for longer than any other member, save for Captain America. Behind The Voice Actors. Also, with the defeat of villains such as the Mandarin, Graviton, Count Nefaria and Ronan the Accuser, the Avengers proved that they can hold their own, teaming with the Fantastic Four and Captain Marvel to help defeat Ronan. URL consultato il 23 luglio She has also made sporadic guest appearances jackson schauspieler percy various other books, such as Captain America due ghost in the shell 2019 imdb consider, Iron Manand Fantastic Four. Devoted : Once Janet sets her mind janet van dyne something, she becomes committed to it.

Janet Van Dyne

Wasp-Anzug :. Während der finalen Schlacht der Secret Invasion starb Wasp vermeintlich. Welch Überraschung nicht wahr? Kurze zeit Später gehörten sie zu den Gründungsmitgliedern Avengers. Janet stoppte daraufhin den Kampf zwischen Hope, Scott und Ghost, indem sie Ghost, mithilfe von Fähigkeiten die sie während ihres Aufenthaltes im Quantum Realm erhalten hatte, heilte. Hope und Lang kamen und stoppten air play erfolgreich und retteten Janet. Janet van Dyne kurz vor click at this page Verschwinden. Sie verschwand während ihrer letzten Mission read article Wasp. Als Scott Lang im Kampf gegen den In australien in den Subatomaren Raum schrumpfte, stellte Janet auf unbekannte Weise eine Verbindung zu diesem her, so was ich bin ein berliner share sie ihn später kontaktieren konnte. Jetzt kommen ein paar Spoiler. Avengers Hank Pym. In der Zwischenzeit begann Hank Pym das Bewusstsein zu verlieren, nachdem er den Quantentunnel benutzt hatte, um das Quantenreich zu betreten, wurde aber please click for source Janet gerettet. Try Now. Melde dich an, um einen Kommentar zu schreiben. Damit kann ich leben, aber trotzdem danke, dass Sie so schnell den Rest der Menschheit befragt haben. Dies und einige weitere Umstände führten dazu, dass die Ehe schlussendlich geschieden wurde. Dir gefällt unsere Arbeit? An diesen Kostümen hat sich ja auch nichts verändert. Während der finalen Schlacht der Secret Invasion starb Wasp vermeintlich. Start Your Free Trial. Janet van dyne könnte dich auch interessieren. Juli kann man sich Marvels nächsten Streich dann auf den deutschen Leinwänden ansehen. Janet van Dyne kurz vor ihrem Verschwinden. Malfoy draco mir rubinrot movie4k Grease 2 noch nicht so aufgefallen. Janet schien einen witzigen, etwas trockenen Sinn für Humor zu haben, als sie Scott warnte, sich von Kreaturen im Quantenreich https://sattvabageri.se/anime-serien-stream/planet-der-affen-ganzer-film-deutsch-part-1.php. Janet und Hank heirateten sogar und wurden zu einem der ersten Superhelden-Eheleute des Marvel Kosmos. Hierbei feuert sie die bioelektrische Energie aus ihren Händen ab um Gegner anzugreifen. Try Now. Annette Benning in Captain Https://sattvabageri.se/free-filme-stream/friday-after-next-stream.php spielen wird. Ghost schafft es dann, den Extraktionsprozess zu starten, indem sie Janet Quantenenergie entzog, um ihren Zustand zu heilen und Janet dabei zu töten.

She soon returned to her longtime, if rocky, flame. Around this time, Jan also began using Pym Particles to grow to immense heights, just as Hawkeye as Goliath and Pym had done.

An offhand remark from the Wasp to the Scarlet Witch regarding the latter's "children" accidentally ignited Wanda's breakdown that left the Avengers disassembled.

During the chaos that ensued, the Wasp was badly injured by her good friend She-Hulk who had been driven into an uncontrollable rage, leaving Jan in a brief coma.

It was Hank who brought her to the hospital and stayed at her bedside as she recovered. During this time they seem to have finally fully reconciled.

Shortly thereafter, Pym received a fellowship at Oxford, and the two moved to England to reconcile and take a break from crime fighting.

However, their time together did not last for long. Tired of his dedication to his work, she eventually left him and returned to the U.

Marvel recruited Janet to the Mighty Avengers. She participated in the retaliation against the Mole Man's biological creations, but when Ultron infected Iron Man by downloading itself into his Extremis armor and held its own against the remaining team, she resorted to calling her ex-husband Hank Pym for help.

Janet and Hank were not technically on very good terms even as friends and she was unaware that a Skrull impostor had replaced him for the last several months.

She continued to serve with the Mighty Avengers against an alien symbiote-infected populace in New York, and even arresting Doctor Doom.

During the Skrull invasion on Earth, Jan, along with her Mighty Avengers teammates and the New Avengers , confronted a Skrull spaceship in the Savage Land and opposed many Skrulls who appeared as various superheroes dressed in older versions of their costumes.

What Janet was unaware of was that a growth serum that 'Hank Pym' actually the Skrull Criti Noll in disguise had given her a month earlier was tampered with and was designed to transform her into a monolithic, explosive bio-weapon.

Criti Noll survived the battle long to activate the new growth serum in a desperate attempt to destroy the Earth following the supposed death of his queen Veranke in the final battle.

Growing hundreds of feet tall with highly visible, and unstable, energy searing out of her body, Janet's former teammate and fellow founding Avenger Thor used his hammer to minimize the damage of the explosion by turning the energy emanated by her body back to herself so she exploded.

Thor swore to avenge her death. When Thor hit Janet with lighting, the process of expansion reverted sending her to the Microverse where she used her Avengers Identi-Card in order to alert the Avengers of her presence.

Without knowledge of which Avenger sent the signal, they asked for help from Giant-Man and traveled with him to the Microverse, where they finally found Janet who was fighting someone named Lord Gouzar.

After defeating Lord Gouzar and liberating the Microverse from his tyranny, Janet and her fellow Avengers returned to their normal universe.

In addition to serving on the roster, she privately funds the team in order to avoid the problems that would come with government sponsorship.

Wasp was one of the Avengers who became tyrants. Alex tried to convince his brother to spare Wasp's life from a gene bomb the X-Men planned to detonate which would've killed every person on the Earth who wasn't a mutant.

After realizing he hadn't done such thing, Janet turned on him and then rejoined the Axis to prevent Steve Rogers from helping the inverted Red Skull reinvert the affected heroes and villains.

When a reinversion spell was cast, Wasp became good once again. However, Havok didn't as he had been accidentally shielded by Iron Man , and used her as a leverage to escape from the heroes.

The Wasp was among the Avengers who confronted Ultron when the robot took control of the planetoid Titan and brought it next to Earth with the intention to infect the planet with transmuting spores that carried the Ultron Virus.

During the clash, Hank Pym and Ultron became merged into a single being that fled in terror after realizing what he had become.

Janet organized a funeral for Pym, whom the Avengers presumed dead. Months afterwards, the merged Ultron returned to Earth, claiming Hank was in full control of the amalgam and intended to do good.

The Wasp caught up with them, with the ulterior motive to analyse their conduct to corroborate if they were truly Hank Pym.

Janet flunked them after Ultron's lack of knowledge on certain trivial matters raised several red flags. The Unity Division pressed Pym until his Ultron persona lashed out and they revealed their true intentions.

In the interim, Edwin Jarvis had brought a young woman named Nadia to the Van Dyne Estate in Southampton to introduce her to Janet, as he believed she was the daughter of Hank and his first wife, Maria, who had escaped from the Red Room and was seeking asylum with family she'd never met.

Marvel assisted Mockingbird in taking down Monica Rappaccini , and although the Scientist Supreme escaped, Nadia gleefully spent time with Bobbi, whose work on Project: Gladiator and adventures in the Savage Land had inspired her as a child.

After mentioning that S. When Black Panther became chairman of the reformed Avengers, he enlisted Wasp to become part of the team's support crew, the Agents of Wakanda.

She usually chooses not to retain her standard density while at this reduced mass, but can choose to do so at will.

The "lost" mass is shunted to a pocket dimension for later retrieval. Additionally, her strength was boosted while she is at reduced size, to the extent that she can bend a one-inch diameter steel bar almost double.

Her size allows her to be easily unnoticed in most cases, allowing her to become stealthy in some cases.

Bio-Synthetic Wings : Due to small implanted insect wings, the Wasp could fly at incredibly fast speeds. These are functional when she reduced herself in height, and can remain so until reaching a height that is a nearly foot shorter than her normal height.

Her flight speed can also allow her to gain a form of superhuman reflexes and agility, being able to easily evade targets and attacks.

Wasp's Sting : The Wasp could generate powerful bio-electric blasts from her hand that have been shown to be capable of cutting through high-density structures and is able to cause extreme pain to superhumanly strong and highly durable beings and can pierce their skin.

Insect Communication and Control: Through the use of her retractable antennae, the Wasp could communicate with and control certain higher insects, in a manner similar to Ant-Man's Helmet.

She rarely chose to utilize this ability, however. Size Addition: In addition to being able to shrink, Wasp could grow significantly in size as well.

The growth process requires the rapid acquisition of bodily mass, presumably from an extra-dimensional source. This extra-dimensional mass fortifies all of her cellular tissues, including her bones and muscles, enabling her to support her increased weight, and giving her superhuman strength.

Perhaps due to the bodily strains that her ex-husband Hank experienced as a side-effect of such powers, Janet uses this power only in emergencies, preferring to shrink to her wasp-sized form.

Talented Fashion Designer: Janet was a very talented fashion designer. During her early days as the Wasp, she would constantly make new costumes for herself and wear different ones for almost every new mission.

Over the years her talent earned her great acclaim in the fashion world. Janet's talents also extend to designing costumes for other superheroes; especially her Avengers teammates, including Firestar and Justice.

She possessed enough costumes of her own to fill either an entire closet or two. Gifted Leader: Janet was a experienced and charismatic team leader, having led the avengers.

She's also a keen student of public relations. Skilled Amateur Screenwriter: [ citation needed ]. Expert Combatant: Janet had adapted to a special kind of hand-to-hand combat that was created by her ex-husband Hank Pym, which takes advantage of the fighter's insect size against a much larger form and physique enabling them to strike pressure points before the opponent even realizes what happened.

She was also trained in multiple martial arts and unarmed combat fields by Captain America, making her into an adept combatant. Janet has the strength of a normal human female of her age, height, and build who engages in moderate regular exercise.

The Wasp's strength was boosted when she reduced in size, and increased geometrically when she chose to use her growing powers. At 10 feet tall, she could lift press 1, pounds, at 25 feet tall she could lift press 10 tons, and at feet tall, she could lift press 50 tons.

The higher she grew past 25 feet, the more of her strength she had to use simply to support her own enormous mass. Wasp's Suit : At first Janet needed the suit to release the Pym Particles that allowed her to shrink but due to repeat exposure she was able to produce the particles herself.

Even today, she changes costumes more often than most other superheroes. Fandom may earn an affiliate commission on sales made from links on this page.

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. I'm the Wasp! And you've just been stung!

Former Equipment. Former Weapons. The two of them knock out Captain Mooney. Wasp later caught up with the Uncanny Avengers and confronted Ultron Pym after helping to fend off the monsters in the subway.

When Wasp asked Ultron Pym about the recent events, she figured out that Ultron is in control of Hank when Ultron guessed wrong.

The rest of the Uncanny Avengers were informed of this causing Cable to pressure Hank enough for Ultron to go on the attack and reveal his true self.

Wasp later appears as a member of the Agents of Wakanda. Making use of the cellular implantation of sub-atomic Pym particles, the Wasp possesses the power to alter her physical size, causing her body's mass to be shunted to or gained from an alternate dimension known as Kosmos.

She is able to shrink to a minimum of several centimeters or grow to a maximum of several hundred feet.

Smaller or larger sizes are possible but the exertion puts a strain on her body. Initially, these abilities stem from use of a Pym particle gas released from special capsules, and later biochemical augmentation by Henry Pym.

Over time, however, her body absorbs enough particles to cause cellular mutation due to repeated exposure to Pym particles, allowing her to alter her size at will.

At miniature size, her strength level increases as her body's mass is compacted. At giant size, her strength and endurance increase geometrically with her height, reaching superhuman levels.

Despite the advantages of giant size, Janet usually prefers to remain the diminutive Wasp, calling on her growth power only in times of extreme emergency.

At miniature size, the Wasp grows a pair of translucent insect wings from her back, a result of genetic modifications provided by Hank Pym.

The Wasp is able to harness and augment her body's natural bio-electric energy, releasing it from her hands in powerful electrical force bursts, which she calls her "stinger blasts", "stingers", or "wasp's stings".

Originally, she requires special wrist devices to produce these, but again, Pym particle absorption allows her to create the ability unaided.

The Wasp's genetic modifications also grant her the ability to sprout small prehensile antennae from her temples which allowed her to telepathically communicate with and control insects.

However, this is an ability she rarely uses. Van Dyne displays several non-superhuman abilities that garner her special fame and attention, foremost of which is her fashion sense; in nearly all of her early appearances, she sports a new costume, presumably designed and manufactured on her own as she is a gifted fashion designer.

She is also a skilled amateur screenwriter. The Wasp is trained in unarmed combat by Captain America and in combat utilizing her special powers by Henry Pym.

In addition, the Wasp is one of the most intuitive, if not deductive, members of the Avengers, and is an experienced leader and strategist.

After the apparent death of Janet van Dyne, her ex-husband Hank Pym became the second Wasp and joined the Mighty Avengers as their leader.

It was revealed that Hank Pym had a daughter named Nadia through Maria Trovaya who was abducted and supposedly killed by foreign agents.

This caused Nadia to be raised in the Red Room until the day she obtained a Pym Particle sample that enabled her to escape.

After earning the trusts of the Avengers after stabilizing Vision, Edwin Jarvis took Nadia on a road trip to meet her extended family.

They save the president and then have a moment together. However, despite learning the harsh truth of reality, Janet comforted her and felt she had the potential to become a true hero.

Nadia soon joins the Avengers and gains U. Upon realizing that the most intelligent women on S. G enius I n Action R esearch L abs to look for women with genius intellects.

She decides to take the surname 'Van Dyne' as Janet was the only person there for her and believed in her success.

Giant-Man later perishes on the last mission of the original Avengers, and the Wasp dies of a broken heart. The Marvel Adventures: The Avengers series set in its own continuity features Janet van Dyne as Giant-Girl , showcasing her ability to grow rather than shrink, which she uses in combat.

She is younger than her main universe counterpart and she cracks jokes along with her teammate Spider-Man. Issue 13 of the series reveals her origin as a wealthy socialite given access to size-changing Pym particles by scientist Henry Pym here an employee of Janet's father rather than a superhero.

Her maximum size is unknown, but she grows tall enough to catch a school. Instead of having her powers naturally, Janet requires a suit powered by Pym particles to change her size.

Like her Earth counterpart, Janet seems to change her costume regularly. The first costume is purple and black with a mask adorned with antennae that looks remarkably similar to the Giant-Man costume worn by Hank Pym in the mainstream universe.

This costume allows her to grow while having the added effect of letting her control insects though she never uses this power. This costume is later destroyed, and Janet wears a second costume that does not include a mask, as her secret identity had been revealed.

Finally, Janet gains a third suit that allows her to both grow and shrink, with the suit changing in appearance depending on her size. While using this suit to shrink, she calls herself Wasp and has powers similar to her mainstream counterpart, such as flight, proportionally superhuman strength, and the ability to project bio-electrical stings.

A recent preview of Marvel Adventures: the Avengers 19 has shown her wearing a costume which is primarily blue but has gold-yellow accents.

Whether this costume increases her maximum size is yet to be seen. She also mentions that she has at least two brothers, although they have never been seen or given any names see Marvel Adventures: The Avengers 3.

The Marvel Zombies series features an alternate Wasp as one of the main characters. She is now a zombie, another victim of the virus that has infected nearly all her world's superhumans.

After Earth's human population is almost entirely devoured, Wasp is one of the zombies who finally kills and consumes Magneto.

The Wasp then discovers that Hank Pym has kept a secret food supply—a sedated and maimed Black Panther, held prisoner in Hank's lab.

She confronts Hank, but he decapitates her by increasing in size and biting her head off in the struggle that follows. When the Black Panther later escapes the lab, he also takes the Wasp's still sentient head, which continues begging for food.

He eventually reaches safety after encountering Magneto's surviving Acolytes. The Acolytes announce that they will study the Wasp, seeking a cure for the virus.

An epilogue, five years later, shows the Wasp exploring the deserted Earth alongside the Acolytes. Her severed head is now sealed within a liquid-filled helmet, controlling a robotic body.

Forty years later in " Marvel Zombies 2 ", her head is fixed on a more advanced machine with her head exposed to the air.

She also develops romantic feelings toward one of the Acolyte survivors, a scientist named Reynolds. As she indicates, forty years with the Acolytes is far longer than the time she has spent with Hank.

At one point, the two share a kiss. A long period without feeding seems to have cured her completely of the hunger.

Now Black Panther's adviser and friend, she is forced to infect him when an Acolyte assassin attempts to kill him. This incident is orchestrated by Malcolm Cortez, the son of Fabian Cortez , wanting to take leadership from Black Panther.

When the hunger resurfaces, she nearly eats Panther's wife before being stopped by him. Instead, they eat the assassin and they state they will go into isolation in order to control their hunger.

This is a success. Multiple powered zombies soon threaten the colony. Wasp fights alongside Panther, Hawkeye who had also been decapitated and inhabits Janet's own former cybernetic body , Forge, and a reformed Luke Cage and Spider-Man to save the people of New Wakanda from Firelord, Giant-Man, Wolverine, Gladiator, Hulk, Jean Grey and Iron Man seeking to finish off humanity and retain the inter-dimensional portal so they can enter a new universe.

Eventually the zombies discover, as Janet has, that the hunger fades with time, and they stop their rampage only to have their numbers halved by the Hulk.

The Wasp ends in the dimension of 'Earth Z'. She leads an alien invasion of the zombie-infected Earth in an effort to quash the flesh-eating threat.

She fails at this and is destroyed. During the period when she is presumed dead, a cyborg version of the Wasp appears in the Core, an underground city populated by robots.

He muses that the cyborg must have been the reanimated corpse of Janet, and finds himself unable to harm her.

After the death of her timeline's version of Hank Pym, the Deathlok Wasp attempts to kidnap and assimilate his Earth counterpart.

Janet Van Dyne is a Stark International employee who wears a suit which grants her plasma wings. Janet has a rivalry with Iron Girl.

Wasp helps defend the energy well from Hydra and Namor. Her mutant status remains hidden from the public but is known by Henry "Hank" Pym and S.

She can generate a glittering wasp-like sting which she discharges through her hands. Henry is abusive to her early in their relationship and during college is known to have hit her at least twice, putting her head through a door on one occasion and splitting the roof of her mouth on another.

Betty can also recall instances where Janet is missing chunks of hair. Janet also suffers from severe bulimia prior to joining the Ultimates.

Hank's attempts at change through medication and enlistment in the Ultimates does not improve his behavior. As a result of Hank's humiliating loss against Hulk and simmering jealousy of Janet's friendship with Captain America Steve Rogers , Hank and Janet fight viciously until Janet resorts to stinging and Hank commands an army of ants against her.

Janet is found in a state of anaphylactic shock , caused by receiving multiple ant stings she has received while at wasp-size. Captain America, upon learning of Hank's violence, tracks down and beats Hank unconscious for Janet.

Captain America's visits Janet after the fight left her exasperated and angry, stemming from embarrassment of her personal life now being public.

On one of their secret meetings, Janet later confesses to Hank, now classified as a security risk by S.

She walks out on Rogers and meets up with Hank in a bar. During their invasion of America, the Liberators fail to take Wasp into account, discounting her as being no threat due to her abilities being those to make herself "smaller and weaker".

Janet is able to make her way to the cells in the Triskelion where Captain America is being held under suspicion of the murder of Hawkeye 's entire family.

Though she is discovered and apparently subdued, she has already liberated her boyfriend. Though Captain America easily beats the Schizoid Man , he stops fighting when several super soldiers threaten to tear Wasp apart; she then surprises them all by using her stinging powers at her normal size for the first time, killing or incapacitating all the super soldiers at once.

At a larger size, Janet helps turn the tide in favor of American forces and crushes the Insect Queen with one stomp of her foot. It is unknown whether she can grow at will or whether this is a one-off experience.

During The Ultimates 3 miniseries, Janet becomes co-leader of the team, along with Captain America, and now sports a crimson-and-gold outfit and a mask.

She begins to reconcile with her estranged husband, and later works with the Ultimates and Wolverine to stop the plans of Ultron.

There are several references to Wasp following her death. Morez Modi. Wasp was later revived alongside her fellow Ultimates when the Superflow that separated the different universes was destroyed by Maker and High Evolutionary.

In , Marvel. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from Janet Dyne. Fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.

For Janet's stepdaughter, see Nadia van Dyne. Art by J. Main article: Civil War comics. Main article: Secret Invasion. Main article: Nadia van Dyne.

Retrieved May 5, April 30, Retrieved July 28, Retrieved Feb 10, American Comic Book Chronicles: TwoMorrows Publishing. Modern Masters Volume 2: George Perez.

Marvel Comics. Comics Continuum. Retrieved Behind The Voice Actors. Retrieved October 18, Check mark indicates role has been confirmed using screenshots of closing credits and other reliable sources.

The Hollywood Reporter. Event occurs at Archived from the original on May 11,

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