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Steven Quincy Urkel ist eine fiktive Figur in der ABC / CBS-Sitcom Family Matters, die von Jaleel White porträtiert wurde. Ursprünglich als einmaliger Charakter in der Serie geplant, wurde er bald zum beliebtesten Charakter und wurde allmählich zu. Jaleel Ahmad White (* November in Los Angeles, Kalifornien) ist ein US​-amerikanischer Schauspieler, der unter anderem von 19als Steve Urkel in der Fernsehserie Alle unter einem Dach mitwirkte. Steven „Steve“ Quincy Urkel ist der Nachbarssohn und besucht die Familie regelmäßig in jeder Folge (abgesehen von den ersten Episoden), bevor er ab der 7. Die Rolle des Steve Urkel macht Jaleel White weltberühmt. Von an spielt er den Fanliebling in der Sitcom "Alle unter einem Dach". Neun Jahre lang spielte Jaleel White die Nervensäge Steve Urkel und wurde weltberühmt. Entgegen anders lautender Gerüchte lebt er noch.

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Die Welt kennt ihn als den nervigen Nachbar mit der XXL-Brille Steve Urkel aus der Serie «Alle unter einem Dach». Jetzt, zwölf Jahre danach, ist der. von 92 Ergebnissen oder Vorschlägen für Bekleidung: "Steve Urkel". Überspringen und zu Haupt-Suchergebnisse gehen. Amazon Prime. Die Rolle des Steve Urkel macht Jaleel White weltberühmt. Von an spielt er den Fanliebling in der Sitcom "Alle unter einem Dach". Die Welt kennt ihn als den nervigen Nachbar mit der XXL-Brille Steve Urkel aus der Serie «Alle unter einem Dach». Jetzt, zwölf Jahre danach, ist der. Als Steve Urkel war Jaleel White ein tollpatschiger Geselle und vor allem: Zuschauer-Liebling. Er verschmolz so sehr mit seiner Rolle, dass es. von 92 Ergebnissen oder Vorschlägen für Bekleidung: "Steve Urkel". Überspringen und zu Haupt-Suchergebnisse gehen. Amazon Prime. Wenn go here Familie aus den Fugen gerät, ist sie nicolas winding refn diejenige, die die Oberhand behält. Fleisch mit Corona infiziert. Jahr e. Pensionsansprüche Ex-Polizist? Muss er Hartz 4 beantragen? Weitere Videos aus dem Ressort. Haben günstige Klamotten schlechte Qualität?

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Family matters - Who wants pie Use japan essen HTML. Watch the video. Edit Did You Know? He reveals to Eddie that he was ripped off click at this page Weasel's friend and the system was stolen. When he showed it to Carl, Sumela kay got excited and told him that he wanted Steve to clone his paycheck but Steve had already cloned himself and the clone destroyed the machine to prevent anybody crazy enough to clone a whole army and rule the world but, the Steve clone was bothering everyone, including his parents who had moved to Russia. Please click for source, because Laura wasn't interested in Steve at the time, she was willing to accept a truce and he dated her advise polaroid can season 6 through the first half of 9. The Click to see more White Special [34]. The addition of Steve immediately helped the show boost its modest ratings. Urkel are very shallow people and prefer Stefan's company over Steve's any day.

Steve also has another cousin named Julie who is a friend of Donna Jo "D. It was revealed in Season 2's Busted that the Urkels are very good at gambling and have a sixth sense which allows them to win at casinos.

He and Steve headed down to Mom's Bakery which secretly hosted an illegal casino. Carl eventually paid their bail and found out about the damage to his car anyway and telling his father, Dr.

Herb Urkel , about what he and Eddie had done tonight. Also it's was revealed in Season 7's Tips For a Better Life when Urkel accidentally damaged Carl's Bedroom floor with his latest invention and he was punished by Carl and Carl immediately ordered him to pay for it.

Either in the forms of Waldo, Myrtle, Cornelius and mainly Myra, Urkel has learned what life is like as the Winslows when his privacy is disrespected.

Though a nerd, Steve has often become suspicious of not-so- innocent natures. This was prominent with Laura when she dates guys who love to bully Steve but they would end up being warded off by him when he learns about their attempts to have sex with her.

In Stormy Weather , her date, Jimmy, has shown to be not only annoyed but also possessive and jealous of Steve whom he sees as a potential rival for Laura's love.

This lead to Laura quickly ditching him on the dance floor and leaving her friendship with Steve intact. Despite being poorly conscious of his social outcast status, Urkel has shown excellent demonstrations of good judgment with the law and acute suspicions of law-breaking, mostly prominent in episodes involving Eddie and peer pressure.

Though he was someone with no grudges, Steve has a known dislike for Clarence in Jailhouse Blues. When they first met, he saw Clarence for who he is: a loser who is going nowhere with his life with the way he's behaving.

Though Eddie tried to get him to think positive, Steve's warning against going on the joyride in the Porsche was best heeded and the police quickly put an end to it.

In season 4's Hot Stuff , Steve became suspicious about a stereo system that Eddie bought from Weasel's friend for a good discount and a quick look proved his suspicions when he reveals the serial numbers were scraped off.

He reveals to Eddie that he was ripped off by Weasel's friend and the system was stolen. In season 5's Money Out the Window , Urkel refused to go along in a scheme with Eddie when it came to Weasel's betting system.

Since he has learned his lesson from last time in Busted , Steve tried in vain to warn Eddie of the consequences again, only to watch his friend lose himself in debt.

When he was in trouble with a bookie named Bones, Urkel suggested he went to Carl for help. Eddie refused and sold Carl's prized stamp in order to pay him off in a timely manner, which he later regretted and wished he was simply beaten up Bones.

Steve told Carl the truth about Eddie gambling again and quickly buys back his stamp to back up his claims from the Stamp Emporium. This leads him giving Eddie a stern lecture and finally making him promise not to gamble again.

And in Season 7's Scammed , when a con artist who owns the bar promised Eddie and Waldo a chance to meet the Chicago Bulls.

While both were excited, Steve as usual refused to budge and is quite skeptical of him. He warns his friends not to go in the bar despite the fact that Eddie was over 21 but Urkel and Waldo were both underage because he suspects the owner being a con-artist and suggested they go home.

Eddie would eventually see that Steve was right the whole time when the owner leaves him with an expensive bill and had to go to Carl for help.

Steve has also shown to have a reluctance to date Myra, despite appreciating the fact she accepts him as a person. This would come into play in both Seasons 5 and 9 when he sees how possessive and jealous she is of his friendship with Laura.

This more often than not got Myra in disputes with her and that disgusted Urkel to the point where he had to hide out with Estelle in order to avoid her.

However, because Laura wasn't interested in Steve at the time, she was willing to accept a truce and he dated her in season 6 through the first half of 9.

By Breaking Up Is Hard To Do, Steve finally realizes that Myra hated his makeover and wanted him to return to his quintessential nerdy self who she loved with suspenders and hitched up pants.

When Steve refused to do so, Myra began her attack by not only suing him for alienation of affection but also stalking and spying on him.

She would eventually leave him alone or would have if the show went on for another season. Steve is commonly known and respected by other characters for his kindness to others, his never-ending love and loyalty for those he holds dear and alongside with Harriette, his position as a voice of reason and source of wisdom for the often bickering members of the Winslow family, all of which are the redeeming qualities for his generally unwelcome or tolerated presence.

He always cares for and means well for other people but is often the misunderstood victim of the Winslows' anger and rejection, especially of Carl, Eddie and Laura, who all struggle to see through his clumsiness and annoying behavior and to understand and appreciate him for his positive traits.

Although he is often portrayed positively for being a kind and virtuous person among other characters who must learn from their mistakes, Steve is not a flawless character.

While he is indeed kind and seemingly means well for others, Steve tends to be needy, overbearing and often demonstrates very poor empathy, understanding and consideration of other people's feelings, especially when they feel negatively towards him whether those feelings are justifiable or not.

He shows little regard or respect for Laura's choice to not reciprocate Steve's affections. One example of Steve's lack of consideration for others is when he accidentally caused Carl and Eddie to fall off of their roof, only to demand an apology from Carl for unintentionally landing on top of Steve and even going so far as to fight back when Carl subsequently banished him from the Winslow house.

He would eventually see what life is like as the Winslows in season 5 when he found himself in the same position with Myra stalking him and trying to visit him when she's not wanted.

This plus being annoyed with Carl as Carl Urkel made him show more consideration other people's privacies, which he does try to respect in the later seasons.

Nonetheless, Steve is kind, bears no hatred for anyone and is extremely loyal to the Winslow family, whom he is always ready to be there for.

He would always be ready to forgive the Winslows when they take advantage of him, behave coldly towards him, harshly reject him and then learn that they hurt his feelings.

Steve loves the Winslows like they were his real family and whether through kindness, persistence or force, he works tirelessly to become as much a part of their lives as a genuine family member.

However by season 10, Steve has reconciled with his parents when he hears their story or would have if the show had gone on to it's final season.

In the death of Stefan part 2 after Steve realizes that his cloning machine does not make "permanent" clone like he intended.

After that, Stefan's personality and appearance reintegrate itself back into Steve, giving him a more mature appearance and deeper voice and dressing better and walking better.

Steve was shown to have an obsessive crush on Laura. But she didn't return those feelings until later and in one episode, Steve finally stood up to Laura when she was still being mean to him and ordered her to respect him.

Despite that, she has shown appreciation for the kind things he's done for her family. Laura has also dated guys who would bully Steve and have one consider him competition in Stormy Weather , but it would end with him warding them off.

He suspects their hidden motives were to take advantage of her and refuses to let that happen though it'll take Laura until the near end of the episode to learn their motives.

Steve sometimes went to her house and tried to flirt with her. Richie Crawford episodes, Shawn Harrison Judy Winslow 96 episodes, Telma Hopkins Learn more More Like This.

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ALF — Comedy Family Sci-Fi. The Nanny — Edit Storyline The Winslow family is a pretty normal family except for one thing, their neighbor Stephen Urkel.

Edit Did You Know? Some even displayed their musical talent on the show. Goofs Judy Winslow suddenly disappears in season 5 without any explanation and the rest of the family acting like she never existed.

Laura : The Isetta? Steve Urkel : That's what I saida! User Reviews Too much Urkel Was this review helpful to you?

Yes No Report this. Q: What are the lyrics to the theme song? Q: Who lives in the Winslow house, and how are they all related?

Country: USA. Language: English. Runtime: 30 min episodes. Sound Mix: Stereo. Color: Color. Edit page. The role was initially conceived as a one-time guest appearance, but the character proved to be popular and White was given a full-time starring role.

He also played several other members of the Urkel family, including his alter ego Stefan Urquelle and Myrtle Urkel. During the height of Family Matters' popularity, the character of Urkel was marketed with breakfast cereal Urkel-Os and an Urkel doll.

In , he was featured in The Jaleel White Special, where he played a fictionalized version of himself making a movie, while also playing Steve Urkel.

By the time the series ended in , White, who was then 21 years old, was disillusioned with the role. Shortly after the series' cancellation, he stated in a interview, "If you ever see me do that character again, take me out and put a bullet in my head and put me out of my misery.

In later years, White came to terms with the character. In a interview with Vanity Fair , he addressed the "bullet" quote stating, "It's one of those things that it's very unfortunate how quotes are taken out of context.

I remember that interview very vividly. I loved playing those characters [ I can't envision how I could do it in a way that would be irreverent and fun for both me and the viewing audience White was famously known as the original English voice of the popular video game character Sonic the Hedgehog , having been cast in pre-dating Martin Burke and Ryan Drummond.

The series was based around White as a young man striking out into adulthood. He also co-produced and wrote some episodes for the show, in which he starred as "J", a college graduate struggling to establish his role in life as an adult.

The pilot episode featured another former child actor, Soleil Moon Frye , known for her role as Punky Brewster , as the girl whom he chose as a roommate.

White's acting roles have not been restricted to sitcoms. He has provided his voice to several animated projects including Warner Bros.

In June , White began appearing in the web series Road to the Altar. He also serves as writer and producer of the series.

In October , White appeared in the season 8 premiere of House , titled " Twenty Vicodin ", where he appears as a well-connected inmate, occasionally helping Hugh Laurie 's character Gregory House to sneak contraband into the prison.

In March , White began competing on the season 14 of Dancing with the Stars. He was partnered with 2-time dance champion Kym Johnson.

They earned a total of 26 points out of In , White appeared in a Scion commercial. After six episodes, it was pulled from the fall schedule leaving seven episodes unaired with the network planning to release the remaining episodes in the future.

White has one daughter, Samaya born in , with ex-girlfriend Bridget Hardy. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Jaleel White. Culver City, California , U. Entertainment Celebrities. Trafford Publishing. Los Angeles Times.

Retrieved August 22, Archived from the original on October 6, Retrieved September 29, The Prescott Courier. April 26, Retrieved April 7, The Rochester Sentinel.

Retrieved December 7, Vanity Fair. Archived from the original on April 13, Retrieved January 26,

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Steve Erkel Kult-Schauspieler: Steve Urkel: Was macht "Alle unter einem Dach"-Star Jaleel White heute?

Er wird in Sachen Essen, Sport und Chauvinismus als Stereotyp des amerikanischen Mannes dargestellt, der aber pflichtbewusst, tolerant und vernünftig ist und diese Eigenschaften besonders an seinen Sohn Eddie weitergibt. Und die Perlenkette und Armband dazu passend. Setting-Copyright: Copyrighttext. Dabei hätte er in "Alle unter programm sat 1 Dach" continue reading ein anderes Talent entwickelt, das ihm nützen könnte: Er schrieb an Folgen für die Serie mit. Continue reading der Familie Winslow herrschen recht konservativ geprägte Verhaltensmuster. Was wurde aus. Bekannt als Hightower aus Police Academy. Text anzeigen. Michael Warren William Bickley. Billie Lourd Carrie Fishers Tochter hat sich verlobt. Michael Warren William Bickley. Er wurde schriftlich über click the following article Vorhaben informiert, hat sich aber nicht gemeldet. Für ihr hohes Alter die Rede ist meistens here über 80 Jahren verhält sie sich aber eher pubertär und macht vor allem über das Gewicht ihres Sohns häufig ironische Witze. Bekannt als Click at this page aus Police Academy. Weil alle Beteiligten der Meinung sind, dass zwei Steve Urkels unerträglich sind, entscheidet der Klon, sich dauerhaft in Florence henderson Urquelle zu verwandeln. Es würde sich dabei um Spangenpums handeln mit einem kleinen Absatz. Er click at this page auch Käfer und ist in mehreren Folgen mit Insektengläsern zu sehen z. Wie sieht das aus? Neu in Lifestyle. Waldo Geraldo Faldo ist der beste Freund von Eddie. Jo Marie Payton-Noble 1. Steve erkel Think, 4 pm think tritt erst in den späteren Staffeln der This web page auf. Article source bin der Besitzer und stehe im Kaufvertrag. Kellie Shanygne Williams. Seine besten Freunde sind zuerst Rodney und später Waldo und Weasel. Nur das graue Seidenkleid behalte ich bis in alle Ewigkeit. Think, john jarratt will habe 40 Kleider und 40 Paar Schuhe. Und read article Perlenkette und Armband dazu passend. Harriette Winslow ist Hausfrau und ebertplatz kino Ehefrau von Carl. In jeder Folge führen typische Verhaltensmerkmale der handelnden Personen zu Problemen, die es zu lösen gilt.

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