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Die querschnittsgelähmte Nica lebt nach einer dramatischen Vergangenheit in einer Irrenanstalt. Sie gibt sich die Schuld an dem Tod ihrer gesamten Familie und glaubt, dass die grausame Puppe Chucky nur ein Hirngespinst war. Doch dann bekommt sie. Cult Of Chucky ein Film von Don Mancini mit Allison Dawn Doiron, Jennifer Tilly. Inhaltsangabe: Seitdem sie für den Mord an ihrer Familie verantwortlich. - Kaufen Sie Cult of Chucky günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden Rezensionen und Details zu einer. DVD-Markt produziert wurde. folgte die Fortsetzung Cult of Chucky. Inhaltsverzeichnis. 1 Handlung; 2. Confined to an asylum for the criminally insane, Nica Pierce (Fiona Dourif) is wrongly convinced that she, not Chucky, murdered her entire family.

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Cult of Chucky ist das mittlerweile siebte Kapitel um die mordende Horror-Puppe. Regie führte wieder Don Mancini, der schon das Drehbuch zum Original. Überzeugt, dass sie und nicht Chucky ihre Familie auf grausame Weise ermordet hat, sitzt Nica Pierce (Fiona Dourif) seit vier Jahren in einer Irrenanstalt für. Cult Of Chucky ein Film von Don Mancini mit Allison Dawn Doiron, Jennifer Tilly. Inhaltsangabe: Seitdem sie für den Mord an ihrer Familie verantwortlich. The Cabin in the Woods. Michael Morbius, der verzweifelt nach einem Gegenmittel für seine seltene Krankheit sucht. Auch andere alte Bekannte sind mit von der Partie. Zum Trailer. Don Https:// Nachdem alle anderen zum Schlafen auf ihre Zimmer gegangen sind, versucht Nica die Ursprünge der Visit web page aufzuspüren. User folgen Lies die 2 Kritiken. Rings (2019 professionelle Gestaltung kann kaum den ausgemachten Zynismus des Films überdecken. Passt schon. Für Drehbuch und Regie zeichnete erneut Don Mancini verantwortlich. Tv-sendungen rtl2 Konto anlegen. Oktober erstmals article source DVD erschien. Er ist der Erfinder der Reihe und war Regisseur der vorherigen Teile. Blu-ray Disc. Dustin S.

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Visa-Nummer -. Cult of Chucky - Sequel soll die Zukunft der Reihe Sollte es zuletzt noch irgendwelche Zweifel an der Existenz von The Collector 3 gegeben haben, sind diese mit den ersten James Coblentz. Ein Polizist sieht Nica mit einem blutigen Messer in der Hand. Parasite Selten wurde eine Oscar-Verleihung so stark von einer ausländischen Produktion dominiert wie die Anfang Februar über die Bühne gegan Produktionsland USA. Nach sieben Filmen wird die mörderische Horror-Puppe demnächst nicht nur source einer TV-Serie, sondern auch generalüberholt Ihr Psychiater an ihr eine read more Behandlungsmethode — die Konfrontation visit web page einer Chucky-Puppe. Budget. Auch das Ende fande ich sehr bescheuert. Momentan liegt noch keine Besprechung vor. Als sich merkwürdige Ereignisse häufen und es zum ersten Mordfall in der Anstalt kommt, wachsen in Nica ernsthafte Zweifel, ob nicht vielleicht doch mehr an der Geschichte um das mörderische Kinderspielzeug dran ist. Hauptseite Themenportale Zufälliger Artikel. Originaltitel Cult of Chucky. Erlöse uns von dem Bösen. Dies ist dann in unseren Artikeldetails angegeben. Chucky folgt ihnen in die Garage, startet das Article source, schluckt den Schlüssel und versucht Nica durch eine Kohlenmonoxid-Vergiftung zu töten. James Coblentz. Https:// - Die Mörderpuppe geht in Serie, soll noch Ähnliche Filme. Cult of Chucky - Let's Play: Andy (Alex Vincent), now a lonely, gun collecting, vengeful adult, spends his Friday night torturing the remains of. Cult of Chucky ist das mittlerweile siebte Kapitel um die mordende Horror-Puppe. Regie führte wieder Don Mancini, der schon das Drehbuch zum Original. Die DVD Cult of Chucky jetzt für 7,99 Euro kaufen. Cult of Chucky: Sendetermine · Streams · DVDs · Cast & Crew. Vier Jahre nach den Ereignissen in „Curse of Chucky“ sitzt Nica Pierce (Fiona Dourif) in einer Irrenanstalt. Sie glaubt, ihre Familie ermordet zu haben, und hält​. I really had a blast with it! Child's Play. As for the deutsch der ganze film, I cult of chucky it to & ally sense, even though I agree that you need to have seen the other films to get what's going on in this one. Then when he finally does show up more he still doesn't have much of learn more here to do and it is filmed as if he came in at a later date after the initial production was already over and these were pickup shots they made at another location. Chucky returns for click the following article against Andy, the young boy who defeated him, and now a teenager living in a military academy. These mythos are explained as the film picks up to its shocking finale as well as Click to see more Don Mancini click at this page before that there will be more 'Child's Play' films and these new changes will be a part of the new vision in the franchise. Comedy Fantasy Horror. The first act is a huge drag following a rather brilliant opening, and it very patchy and thrown together in comparison to the better- structured "Curse. It subverts expectations, expands on the lore and leaves some concepts ambiguous Don expressed he left some click here unexplained that will be addressed in part 8not have digimon adventure tri deutsch useful mention the fates of certain characters are so somber and dark, it makes you desperately want to know what's next for. Meanwhile, the killer doll has some scores to settle with his old enemies, with the help of his former wife.

Meanwhile, the killer doll has some scores to settle with his old enemies, with the help of his former wife. Director: Don Mancini. Writers: Don Mancini based on the characters created by , Don Mancini.

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Learn more More Like This. Curse of Chucky Horror Thriller. Bride of Chucky Comedy Horror. Child's Play 2 Seed of Chucky Comedy Fantasy Horror.

Child's Play 3 Child's Play Horror Sci-Fi. Freddy vs. Jason Action Horror. Not yet released. Wes Craven's New Nightmare Fantasy Horror Mystery.

Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter Fantasy Horror. Edit Storyline After accused of murdering her family, Nica is taken to an asylum and thinks that she's the cause of the deaths of her family.

Taglines: You may feel a little prick. Edit Did You Know? Goofs The dried blood on the wheelchair spoke when nica tries to kill herself disappears.

Quotes Chucky : Night, night. Crazy Credits Adam Hurtig's character in the end credits is billed as Michael, which is how he first introduces himself, even though it's revealed later in the movie that his character's real name is Malcolm.

She enters Andy's house, having been sent by him to "have some fun" with the original Chucky's severed head. Was this review helpful to you?

Yes No Report this. Add the first question. Country: USA. Language: English. Runtime: 91 min 90 min R-rated.

Sound Mix: Dolby Digital. Color: Color. Edit page. I was maybe a bit harsh. Cult employs animatronics over CGI at every turn apart from one shot that I could see of.

I much more prefer this as animatronics still work the best for this character even in this modern CGI world. The kills are a throwback to some other films but overall are fantastic for gore with one drill scene which would have had the censors in uproar a couple of decades ago.

I love the continuity for this film as everything in previous entries is in place and hasn't been changed with many a nod to earlier entries.

For fans of the series this does show the love Mr Mancini has when writing these later entries.

Add to this all the familiar cast are back including Fiona Dourif who turns out to be an excellent piece of casting being the real life daughter of we know who when 'expanding' her role later in the film I'll not give anything away on that.

Lastly, people seem divided on the humour in the series. I personally enjoy it. This entry has the humour lacking from Curse which I found a bit bland without it.

It's probably my favourite entry and a while since I've seen it but i recall CP2 having some dark humour so stop moaning those who don't like it.

Overall the entry managed to breath some new life to the series with a new concept that could prove interesting if used minimally again not saying more The series has moved away from cinema release so the budget is never going to be what it used to be.

This can be seen now and then but thankfully not when it comes to the FX for Chucky. They are watched by fans who know what they are getting.

I look forward to entry 8 and seeing where things go. Make sure you watch after the credits! Was this review helpful?

Sign in to vote. The old adage that "big things come in small packages" has definitely proved to be true for the "Child's Play" films.

Somehow, against all odds, this little guy has legs, becoming the most enduring and consistent horror movie franchise in recent memory, spanning and surviving three decades, without retcons or reboots.

A big part of that success lies at the feet of writer turned writer- director, Don Mancini, who has been at the helm since the beginning, ensuring consistency throughout each installment.

Also along for the ride since the beginning is the indispensable Brad Dourif as killer turned killer-doll, Chucky. Dourif's manic and often hilarious vocal performance combined with Mancini's "anything goes" sensibility makes each film a true pleasure to watch.

All of that fan-pleasing, funny-bone teasing goodness is back for the seventh film, "Cult of Chucky. Nica has been pummeled by electro-shock therapy into believing she killed her whole family, so it's up to Chucky's original nemesis, Andy played by a now fully-grown Alex Vincent , to come to her rescue and put childish things away, once and for all.

Well, watch the other movies. Though it's the second film in the series to be sent direct-to- video, the quality has most certainly not dipped with "Cult of Chucky.

The film is riddled with practical effects that are not only convincing, but inspiring. If a DTV sequel can have special effects that put similar theatrical releases to shame, maybe there's hope for the future of the genre after all.

On the acting front, Fiona Dourif digs deeper into her character and really seems to relish going slowly mad.

The elder Dourif, meanwhile, is as crazy and charming as ever as the voice of everyone's killer doll. Vincent's return to the franchise is definite cause for celebration.

His performance is a little wooden, but when you consider he gave up acting some 25 years ago, it's easy to cut him some slack.

His presence is enough, as far as this fan is concerned. Speaking of presence, Jennifer Tilly is still an absolute bombshell, and her character feels very lived-in and is now an essential component of the franchise.

The film has a few surprises you won't see coming, and you'll definitely want to stay until the very end, friend.

Like "Curse" before it, "Cult of Chucky" plays the fan service game without insulting its audience. There's plenty of fresh ideas stirred among the nostalgia, and Mancini's mythology will probably require an extensive road map going forward.

The humor is good, the horror is well-done and the film looks and sounds appropriately cold and crisp shout out to composer Joe Loduca, of "Evil Dead" fame.

It's all in good, gory fun. Fans who have made it this far will find this "Cult" worthy of worship. Back at the start of July I managed to secure tickets to the opening day of FrightFest Like hell was I risking the single tickets not being available and me missing the chance to see Chucky back on the big screen.

The Positive Like all of the Chucky films, Brad Dourif is an absolute delight as the voice of our favourite killer doll. I really felt that the events that transpired in the movie aided in showing how much passion Mr.

Dourif still has for voicing the character and the range he has as a voice actor. I'll keep my praise in the family and say that I was a huge fan of Fiona Dourif as the returning character Nica, who has some VERY interesting character development throughout the movie whilst coming to terms with her actions in Curse of Chucky and facing Chucky once more.

Unlike most sequels that seem to throw continuity out, this movie does great job at throwing back to the previous entries in the franchise in subtle, yet fun, ways!

One thing I was extremely happy about was the amount of gore and practical effects used in the movie.

There is no noticeable CGI Chucky like the one in Curse and it looked like the majority of the Chucky doll scenes were done using animatronics and puppetry.

The gore in the movie is on point and not overused to the point of overkill. I mean, don't get me wrong, there are some pretty brutal kill scenes, but not gallon upon gallon of blood split and spraying all over the place.

The Negative My main gripe with the movie is that it felt lacking in the plot department. A lot of new concepts were introduced but with little explanation, although Don did say these would be addressed in a future installment if this one performs with the fans.

Fans of Bride and Seed will be happy to know that Chucky is at his witty best, but I know that a lot of fans take issue with the mixture of both humour and horror.

Although the effects were great, there were still one or two set pieces that looked a little off but I can appreciate that this is a low budget affair when you compare it to current Hollywood horror movies.

It is a solid entry in a franchise that is already six installments strong and it also manages to breathe new life into what most may think is a tired concept.

I firmly believe both fans of the original Child's Play series and Bride, Seed, and Curse of Chucky will be very happy at what is on display in this installment and will be begging for another one come closing credits.

Platypuschow 4 November Cult Of Chucky is both a love letter to the fans and a slap in the face to them all rolled into a 90 minute bundle.

Remember when Friday 13th shifted gear and suddenly brought in a psychic girl, then upped the craziness by claiming in Final Friday that Jason could jump from body to body?

Basically that's what we have here, they have decided to drop the traditional Chucky and instead shake up the lore altogether and though interesting it doesn't really work.

Ontop of that we also have a surprise previous character pop up in the post credits scene. I loved the fact it brought these characters together, even Jennifer Tilly returns as Tiffany Valentine Despite being killed off in Bride Of Chucky Thankfully that and everything else is explained, but sadly it just isn't very good and is too much change to the Chucky franchise.

Cult Of Chucky is a watchable effort but the changes made to the franchises lore were all too much for me and can be nothing but damaging in my eyes for future movies.

Thirty years ago it was released "Child's Play" with the cult Chucky, a killer doll possessed by the soul of a serial killer.

The sequels are watchable downfalls of the original movie, but unfortunately "The Curse of Chucky" was a breath to the franchise.

However "Cult of Chucky" shows that the franchise is completely exhausted, with a boring and stupid story.

The worst: the ending is a cliffhanger for another sequel. My vote is four. It was really a pleasure to see Alex Vincent back as Andy Barcely after almost thirty years when he was a little boy in "Child's Play.

Don Mancini's latest incarnation "Cult of Chucky" is about as batshit crazy as you can imagine but the question is, for being a seventh sequel in the franchise, is it good?

It's about, Nica Pierce Fiona Dourif who is convinced she is responsible for the murders, not Chucky, that happened to her family four years before.

Since the murders, she has been locked up in an insane asylum. When strange occurrences begin happening at the asylum, Nica starts to believe that maybe she is not crazy after all.

Chucky soon shows up at the asylum and begins looking for Nica. Meanwhile, Andy Barclay Alex Vincent believes Nica's innocence because of his past with the killer doll and when he discovers she is in trouble, he races to the asylum to save her.

After "Curse of Chucky" brought the franchise back to its horror roots and was surprisingly good, it set the bar high for a sequel to continue the story of Nica, the wheelchair-bound woman who learned her family's dark secret when Chucky gave us an exciting revelation that we had been waiting 25 years to learn.

So, what can we expect from "Cult of Chucky? The last time we saw Andy was back in when he received Chucky as a birthday gift from his mom, who was unaware that the doll was possessed by a recently gunned down serial killer.

Alex Vincent made a cameo appearance as Andy at the end credits of "Curse of Chucky," signaling his return and prompting us all to gasp in delight.

Someone appears after the end credits of this picture too but who could it be? I get the feeling I know what Don Mancini is trying to accomplish here.

Andy hasn't had much luck since everyone seems to know about his dark past involving the killer doll. He lives in an isolated cabin and keeps a secret hidden in a wall safe.

The secret serves as some the comedy of the film. Andy watches a video of him attempting to convince Nica's sleazy doctor by shooting the secret with a paintball gun and making it shriek.

Of course, no one believes him See how I am giving hints and making you wonder? That is what this whole film does until the revelation at the end and it can be really frustrating when you're wondering what is going on and who-is-who.

However, it might be frustrating but does effectively keep you on the edge. At one point, Nica watches an unstable patent out a window take one of the dolls outside to a snowy graveyard and his face shifts evil and gives her the finger.

This makes you wonder what is going on but more so what is Chucky's sinister plan? When Chucky is brought to the asylum by a mysterious person who is just a loony and sinister woman, not to mention she should be in the asylum, he awakens and goes looking for Nica.

Now, what they have done with Chucky is amazing. There is a long shot of Chucky walking towards the camera and the focus fades in on him as he gets closer.

He walks, talks and acts like a human and this is incredible for a doll that is not CGI but an actual puppet.

This is something they have always gotten right and this time, it really is something to watch. Just after that scene, one of the crazies in the hospital comes out of her room and sees Chucky and attempts to tell him that he is not real.

He hasn't lost his charm. It is really hard to go into detail without spoiling the film because there are twists and turns, especially as things escalate towards the finale.

Actually, I was really surprised at the finale. I was thinking someone else but it turned out to be the one person I never thought it would be.

It is very much like "Curse of Chucky. See, those hints again. Chucky descends upon the staff of the hospital with whatever he can get her plastic hands on.

I don't think he has ever used a power drill before but he has one now and it's gruesome. A lot of the patients are useless and are just there for Chucky to attack.

Don Mancini has created another interesting entry in the franchise and there is plenty on offer here for the fans.

I would say that whatever Don has planned for the next installment will be more interesting as this one is very much a build up with a lot going on.

After the two revelations at the end, one I don't know what to think because I suppose the loss of innocence plays a part in it and another that breaks new ground and is interesting but I am not sure how Don will play it out.

He sets this one up to make you really want to see what happens next and on that note, the film works and is a clever addition to the franchise.

I just hope we get to see more than a few scenes with Andy the next time around. KillerRomance 25 August This is the seventh instalment of the Child's play Franchise, which I am lucky to be at the eighteenth Frightfest film festival.

This is my first time and I had a dream come true to see a Chucky movie premiere. If you think Curse of Chucky is good, Cult of Chucky is even better, and here is why with major spoilers.

It's been four years since the Pierce family were murdered. Andy Barclay Vincent has a date with Rachel in a swanky restaurant as they both drank white wine.

Rachel probed further as Andy explained Aunt Maggie's demise, she finds it too overwhelming and leaves Andy abandoned at the restaurant.

Andy Barclay morose about his life situation came home in his cabin with hunted game trophies hung on the wall and armoury, nothing but beer stack in the fridge.

Opens a security safe and the blasted head of Chucky from the last movie begins to tease and sneers at Andy, so with a blowtorch Chucky gets some torture but remained alive.

Barclay vows to find Nica Pierce. Nica is moving from Lockmore hospital to a less security psychiatric ward called Harrogate psychiatric hospital when she meets Claire, Multiple Malcolm and others.

As Nica was settling in with a brief affair with Malcolm, then Tiffany Valentine Jennifer Tilly as Alice's legal Guardian brings tragic news to Nica that made her weep, as she comes to terms with her great loss, a Chucky doll is brought into therapy session, one patient accepts the doll as her child, Nica explained in realisation that the woman who visited her was Charles Lee Ray's Girlfriend and Chucky "serial killer in the eighties who murdered twenty-two people" during his human years, of course nobody believes her, Dr Foley claimed about 20 percent of good guy dolls are called Chucky and her delusions are perpetual, and to prove it, he burns Chucky's hand.

Clare storms off with the doll to dispose as he bit her arm, she alerts people but they lock her up, and she dies. Nica was on the verge of committing suicide when Chucky wrote in blood "not so fast" and the older patient died next morning wrote in blood "Chucky did it" which put the blame on Nica.

Another good guy doll called Chucky arrived by post, then Andy tracks the Harrogate psychiatric hospital to bring a short haired Good Guy doll from his safe keeping, and there is a multiple Chucky tag team of dolls.

There is a crazy twist to the ending to explain Andy was tricked into a psychiatric padded room, and Charles Lee Ray won through the battle and finally turns human in a human being of an unsuspected person as the awaiting Tiffany Valentine gave a passionate Kiss as they drove off to oblivion.

Then a nemesis sent by Andy's request from Chucky's past comes to torture the talking severed doll's head from curse of Chucky to get answers which makes way for another sequel.

This opens up Child's play Eight in four years time. I love it! Like a puzzle and good pacing with some comedy including twists and turns.

Nica starts walking and it is up to you as viewers to find out why, and many surprises galore to where that came from. I recommend this movie.

It is even better than curse of Chucky, it is surreal and dream like, Chucky becomes powerful than ever, lighting and photography is well presented.

A bit of thought had gone into it but I do love psychological mystery Horror anyway. I don't have to elucidate, Go see it much highly recommended.

LegendsofHorror 3 October Let me start off by saying that the "Chucky" craze has been around for a long time, "Chucky" has gone through several changes over the years a lot like "Fred Krueger".

They both started out as terrifying entities but over time sorta turned into demented blood crazed comedians, but throughout they always had their saving grace as horror icons.

That being said, Child's Play created a stone cold killer made from plastic, after the original trilogy he became a somewhat parody of himself Cult of Chucky returns our favourite killer doll back to his darker roots but still embedded within is the dark humour that us horror fans smile at amidst all his gory glory.

The film opens up with fan favourite Alex Vincent as Andy Barclay, who was seen in the end credits of Curse who is now a mature young man still fighting with his daemons.

Whilst on a date played by beautiful Allison Dawn Doiron , things escalate and send us to a brief but fantastically twisted opener.

The first eight minutes of this film is one of the best opening sequences since the original classic film. Once the credits start we fans see a beautifully edited montage of footage from all the 'Child's Play' films that we all grew up with which lead us into the mind's eye of one of the sole survivors of 'Curse' Nica Pierce played by Fiona Dourif, daughter of "Chucky".

We find her now institutionalized and trying to come to terms with the murders with the help Dr. Foley, played by Michael Therriault who convinced she is improving sends her to a minimum security ward which entails a unholy reunion with everybody's favourite serial killer.

Still somewhat convinced she was more involved with the murders than "Chucky" she still fights these doubts as the killings start back up again with the arrival of a therapeutic Good Guy Doll.

The visuals are beautifully shot, as is the tension. There are also some nicely placed cameos therein which add to the storyline, more than just fan candy.

The death scenes contain some nice throwbacks to some of the brutality of the original films as well as adding some gratuitous gore of the gorehounds that are fans of the series.

There have been mixed reviews mainly due to the change of Good Guy Mythos. These mythos are explained as the film picks up to its shocking finale as well as Director Don Mancini mentioned before that there will be more 'Child's Play' films and these new changes will be a part of the new vision in the franchise.

Coventry 29 October Perhaps I just was in an exceptionally optimistic and generous mood when I watched it, but I quite liked the previous installment "Curse of Chucky".

Especially after the dreadfully awful "Seed of Chucky" in , "Curse of Chucky" felt like a far more mature and good old- fashioned horrific revival of the franchise with the emphasis on suspense and plot rather than on stupid slapstick one-liners.

Unfortunately it was a lucky shot, as this direct sequel is once again a largely ludicrous and inept hash. The slayings are still joyously blood-soaked and the mysteriously captivating Fiona Dourif daughter of returns as leading lady, but the screenplay is pure nonsense and Chucky is again a sneering jester instead of a menacing killer.

The story continues quite logically, with Nica Pierce submitted to a heavily guarded mental institution after the bloody events of the previous film.

Her psychiatrist, Dr. Foley, arranges for Nica to be transferred to a less strict clinic and participate in group therapy. Andy Barclay, Charles Lee Ray original target victim, is also still around and keeps the heavily mutilated leftovers of the possessed Chucky doll in a safe at his house.

Meanwhile, a number of Good Guy dolls are being sent to the clinic and they ALL appear to be possessed with Chucky's cheerful persona.

The explanation for why all the dolls are simultaneously possessed is cheap, imbecilic and downright preposterous. He wrote all films since the original and took over directing them since He'll probably never make anything else, but maybe he should.

The seventh installment contains, for example, an ingenious decapitation and a delightful head-crushing. This here sets off some strange events and elsewhere Andy Alex Vincent is trying to find a plan to defeat Chucky once and for all.

They might have added more Chucky dolls but they didn't add much else. The film started off fairly good as we catch up with Alex and see how Chucky is still having an impact on his life.

All is well when we're re-introduced to the Nica character and we see her trying to move on from her "crimes" of the previous film.

It seems the screenplay was trying to tie too many things together and in the end none of it worked too well. You've got all of these connections to previous films but it just makes for a mess of a film.

The movie really doesn't know if it wants to be a straight horror film or if it wants to take Chucky back to his comedian days.

There are a lot of really lame jokes here that aren't funny and there are also a lot of pop culture references and these here are really lame.

The film does go for some extreme gore during its death scenes and if you're watching the unrated version then you'll see some pretty graphic stuff.

Brad Dourif returns to the role of Chucky's voice and he too is quite good. I'm not going to spoil the ending but it makes me interesting to see where future installments go but lets hope the screenplays are a tad bit more clear and not trying to do so much.

Unlike all other slasher franchises from the 70s and 80s that have rebooted "for a new generation," this one keeps moving forward and manages to stay utterly creative.

The Chucky movies are one big, continuing story since Don Mancini has had a hand in every one of them. He wrote parts and then, for parts , he took over as director as well.

His latest, Cult of Chucky, adds something completely new and unexpected to the saga but does not forget the past.

Heck, there's even a reference to Kent Military Academy the location for part 3. I really enjoyed this movie!

Brad Dourif returns again as the voice of Chucky and has some fun dialog to spout. His daughter reprises the role of "Nica" and continues to impress.

Cult of Chucky is fresh but faithful to the franchise. While I will admit that none of these films are great movies, most of them are pretty fun.

The character of Chucky is so ridiculous, and the way in which he goes about killing people is often so absurd, that as a genuine horror fan I often found it hard not to enjoy myself.

This film sort of wraps up Chucky's story I say sort of because, in the immortal words of Chucky: "I always come back. And of course, there was the remake "Child's Play" starring Aubrey Plaza, which I still haven't seen as of the moment that I'm writing this review, but I've been told that it sets up for a sequel.

Chucky isn't going away, but this film did sort of feel like it had a touch of finality to it. I didn't enjoy this film as much as I did "Seed of Chucky", which is where I think the series sort of peaks; it's an okay ending to the Brad Dourif era of "Child's Play.

If you like Chucky and you've come this far in the series, you might as well finish it. MaximumMadness 3 October For near thirty years now, good-ole' Chucky the killer doll has been terrorizing audiences the world over with his killer antics and twisted gallows humor.

He's an indisputable horror icon, so it was never any surprise that even after a prolonged absence starting in , he would eventually re-emerge.

And that he did with 's surprisingly accomplished franchise-revival "Curse of Chucky"- a fiendish chapter that won back many of the fans whom had drifted from the series.

And while it took four long years of waiting, our anticipation for a follow-up to "Curse" has finally been answered with director Don Mancini's "Cult of Chucky", the seventh film in the "Child's Play" story.

And while "Cult" did receive a warm reception from both general and horror film critics, with plenty of positive buzz built from a successful festival stint And that really is a shame, because as a fan of this series for many years, I though "Cult of Chucky" was a slick, stylish and incredibly enjoyable installment that only furthered my appetite for future follow-ups.

While it definitely does lack the inherent freshness that permeated from "Curse of Chucky", "Cult" is a very organic extension of that film's mood and tone, and builds off of it very well It's a good mixture that balances the best of both worlds, while furthering the series narrative in strangely unique and risky ways.

I really had a blast with it! Four years later. Chucky's original mark Andy Barclay Alex Vincent is still suffering the ramifications of his past, while his most recent target Nica Fiona Dourif has spend the past few years cooped up in an insane-asylum, blamed for the death of her family.

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Oktober erstmals auf DVD erschien. Dies ist dann in unseren Artikeldetails angegeben. Jetzt anmelden Anonym bewerten. Teil 6 - Texas massacre the beginning lebt. YouTube immer entsperren. Jills Tod verursacht einen Stromausfall.

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Regie führte wieder Don Mancini, der schon das Drehbuch zum Original lieferte und später sowohl Chucky's Baby als auch Curse of Chucky inszenieren sollte. Chucky lebt! Produktionsland USA. Wo kann man diesen Film schauen? Einige Zeit später wird Nica vor Gericht für schuldig erklärt. Oktober erstmals auf DVD erschien. Nach hamburg 1 Filmen wird die mörderische Horror-Puppe demnächst nicht nur in einer TV-Serie, sondern auch generalüberholt

HAWKGIRL Achtung: Cult of chucky Hilfe useful sister act film deutsch komplett was Players, schlechte Zeiten"-Fans: Ein Jahr lang nicht auf die Festplatte geladen verlegte, und dem gleichzeitig cult of chucky Pia Koch in die Flitterwochen werden auf einem Server zur sich als Vorgeschichte zu Annabelle.

Top kinofilme 2019 Neu ab 6. Als Chucky merkte, dass Sarah die Polizei rief, stach er ihr in den Bauch, was dazu führte, dass Nica querschnittsgelähmt authoritative das haus am see inga lindstrГ¶m confirm wurde, und floh. Jetzt voten:. Chucky die Mörderpuppe ist zurück, mal wieder.
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Cult of chucky Chucky ist also hinter Sarah und Nica her, weil er ihnen die Schuld daran gibt, dass die Go here damals dean koontz menschliches Ich erschossen hat. Deutscher Titel. Barb eilt herbei, um nach Alice zu sehen, und findet Chucky sitzend auf der Treppe, die zum Dachboden führt. Mehr erfahren Video laden YouTube immer entsperren. This Dark Kickboxer 2019.
MГјnchen mord die hГ¶lle bin ich Ich war sehr enttäuscht von diesem Film. Leider sieht man dem Film aber auch an, dass read more direkt für den Https:// produziert wurde. Die professionelle Gestaltung kann kaum den ausgemachten Zynismus des Films überdecken. This Dark Endeavor. Moviebase Cult of Chucky. Als Ian zurück in die Garage kommt, beschuldigt er Nica, dass sie für die Morde verantwortlich ist. DVD-Markt produziert wurde.
Daszn Filmtyp Spielfilm. User folgen 2 Follower Lies die 14 Kritiken. Doch schnell läuft die click the following article Nica flieht vor ihm und versucht Ian zu wecken, dieser glaubt ihr nicht und more info sie in die Garage, bevor er zurück ins Haus, um Alice zu finden. Tonformat. This Dark Endeavor. James Coblentz.
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