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Episodenführer Season 2 – Nach der Niederlage des unsterblichen Schurken Vandal Savage und der Enthüllung eines Korruptionsfalls kommt bereits eine. Worum geht es in der 2. Staffel der Serie Legends of Tomorrow? In der zweiten Staffel der Serie ändert sich das Konzept leicht: Es geht um die Zusammenkunft. DC Legends of Tomorrow verstärkt die Feuerkraft für die 2. Staffel der Serie, indem sie eine Liga und eine Legion von neuen Figuren anwerben, die der. Folgen. Nummer (gesamt), Nummer (Staffel), Bild. Entdecke die 17 Episoden aus Staffel 2 der Serie DC's Legends Of Tomorrow.

legends of tomorrow staffel 2

Entdecke die 17 Episoden aus Staffel 2 der Serie DC's Legends Of Tomorrow. Folgen. Nummer (gesamt), Nummer (Staffel), Bild. DC's Legends of Tomorrow verstärkt die Feuerkraft für die 2. Staffel der Serie, indem sie eine Liga und eine Legion von neuen Figuren anwerben, die der. Archived from the original on February 12, There will be new faces and new. Cisco gives Supergirl a device to travel between their universes. The JSA captures read article team, believing them to be Nazi spies with Rex having no memory of meeting. They'll save the world Vixen and other recruits join the Legends in their new mission to travel the timestream and safeguard https://sattvabageri.se/hd-filme-stream-online/geiss-shania.php from aberrations that could doom the world. Characters main supporting Seasons 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Something himouto something. The Legends realize that the mystery speedster is Eobard and that he needs the spear to undo his removal from existence. Hidden categories: Articles with short description Use mdy dates from July Maler richter articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from January Source to be expanded from July All articles to be expanded Articles using small message boxes. When Damien Darhk and a check this out ally make a pact with Al Capone, the Legends set course for s Chicago, der lehrer kostenlos streamen a sinister plot begins to unfold.

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Artikel merken Seite drucken. Letzte Kommentare Jana sagt:. Im Rahmen der Veranstaltung wurde dort zudem bekannt gegeben, dass auch Hawkman neben Hawkgirl einen Auftritt haben wird. Vorherige Staffel 1 2 3 4 5 6 Nächste Staffel. Ramona Here. Peter Francis James. Die Reise verläuft anders als geplant und vor hdilme Ray leidet darunter.

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Nicht notwendig Nicht notwendig. However, Nate, a hemophiliac, is injured in the fighting. He is saved with a modified version of the serum created by Ray.

Before the team departs, Eobard steals the amulet from JSA headquarters and stabs Rex to erase him from the timeline before he can discover Eobard's plan like he did in a previous encounter.

A dying Rex whispers "time traveler" to Amaya. Kevin Tancharoen. Amaya stows away on the Waverider and attacks Mick, believing him responsible for Rex's death simply because he is a criminal.

Nate stops her using his newly-developed ability to convert his body to a steel-like form. Sara convinces Amaya that a rogue time traveler is likely to blame for the murder.

An accident during Ray's testing of Nate's abilities throws both men into the time vortex and strands them in 17th-century feudal Japan.

Nate is found and cared for by Masako Yamashiro, the betrothed of shogun Tokugawa Iemitsu whose samurai capture Ray. They meet up with a recovered Nate, who does not want to leave Masako to Tokugawa's mercy.

They defend Masako's village from the samurai, while Ray and Nate defeat Tokugawa by destroying the Atom suit. Nate and Amaya officially join the team.

Meanwhile, Jax and Stein discover a hidden armory inside the ship and a secret message from Barry Allen from intended for Rip and forbidden from the crew.

Michael Allowitz. The team learns of a time pirate stranded in the American Civil War. Upon arriving, they encounter a black man, Henry Scott, being chased by Confederate soldiers that have been turned into zombies by a virus carried by the pirate.

The team defeats the group of zombies, but Henry is killed. Before his death, Henry reveals he is a Union spy assigned to steal Confederate battle plans for General Grant and asks Jax to complete his mission.

The team discovers that Mick is infected with the virus and returns him to the Waverider , where Ray and Martin ultimately manage to cure him.

Sara and Nate go to warn Grant about the zombies while Jax and Amaya attempt to steal the plans. Jax runs afoul of a plantation owner and is locked up.

Amaya frees him and the other black prisoners. They find the plans and burn down the mansion during a zombie attack.

Meanwhile, Grant's camp is also attacked by zombies. Sara formulates a successful plan to kill them using Nate's powers.

Jax, posing as Henry Scott, gives the plans to Grant, which will ensure a Union battle victory. A grateful Mick gives Leonard Snart 's cold gun to Ray.

David Geddes. The team infiltrates the White House as tourists and finds Darhk there as one of the treaty negotiators. Sara again attempts to kill him, which alerts White House security and forces the team to make a very public escape.

They soon learn that Darhk is making his own secret deal with the KGB. Returning to the White House during a state dinner , they discover him and H.

The team defeats the H. E soldiers and the Russians. Sara confronts Darhk, but spares his life.

Instead, she reveals his future to torture him: his master plan's failure, his wife's murder, and his own eventual death. Eobard whisks Darhk away, but not before Sara steals the box from him.

She realizes the team is up against a time-traveling speedster. Unnerved by Sara's revelation, Darhk insists on teaming up with Eobard and the two enter the time stream.

The team learns of an aberration in Colorado , , where they save Jonah Hex from execution. He reveals that he is fighting an outlaw boss named Quentin Turnbull.

The team learns that Turnbull is extracting dwarf star , which Ray used for his A. Instead of killing Turnbull, Jonah decides to deliver him to the authorities.

With the dwarf star reappropriated, Ray plans to rebuild his suit and shows Nate the suit he has made for the latter.

Amaya decides to teach Mick to control his anger. Martin and Jax deduce that, due to the former's interaction with his past self, he may have altered the past.

Sara tells the team that they need to return to to help their friends. Gregory Smith. Ralph Hemecker. Learning of the aberration, the Legends arrive and manage to keep Capone from murdering Eliot Ness.

Ness is critically injured, so the team decides to obtain vital information on Capone's operation to secure history.

Meanwhile, Mick begins having hallucinations of Snart, who belittles him for acting like his teammates. Sara and Martin are abducted by Eobard during their infiltration and raid on Capone's club.

Malcolm offers Sara a chance to change her past in return for the amulet she took from Darhk in , but she refuses.

The team rescues the captives, but "Martin" turns out to be a disguised Eobard, who searches the Waverider at super-speed for the amulet while Malcolm and Capone's men attack the ship directly.

Eobard barely escapes revenge at Amaya's hand, but Sara surrenders the amulet for Martin's safety. The Legends succeed in correcting the timeline.

Eobard later shows his partners that the completed amulet projects a holographic map that can locate the Spear of Destiny , which is able to "rewrite reality itself".

They must next locate Rip Hunter, who is revealed to be working as a movie director in Los Angeles. In the present, the team learns about the spear and arrives in Los Angeles, where they find Darhk and Malcolm attempting to kidnap Rip, who has no memories of his previous adventures and is filming with George Lucas.

Both parties escape and Rip is arrested by the police, believing he started the fight. The team springs him from custody and takes him to the Waverider.

Nate and Ray lose their specialities and powers since the aberration caused Lucas to quit filmmaking. While Nate, Amaya, and Ray meet Lucas to dissuade him from dropping out of school, the others learn that Lucas had a fragment of the spear.

Darhk and Malcolm overpower Amaya's party and force them to search for the fragment in a dumpster. The others arrive and a battle ensues during which they recover the fragment and the Medallion.

Rip, however, is abducted by Eobard and threatened with torture. Lucas returns to filmmaking and the team vows to rescue Rip. Meanwhile, Mick tells Stein about his hallucinations, but the latter interprets them to be emotional, not neural.

Eric Laneuville. The Legion's attempts to extract information from Rip fail repeatedly, exacerbating tensions within the group.

Eobard disappears after insisting on his superiority, assigning the others to access Rip's bank safe deposit box in Switzerland Meanwhile, Martin recruits Lily to help the team decode the amulet.

She finds out that she is an aberration and gets angry with Martin. After a failed robbery, Malcolm and Damien decide to work together against Eobard.

The Legends realize that the mystery speedster is Eobard and that he needs the spear to undo his removal from existence.

Damien and Malcolm break into the bank vault, finding a record of Rip's memories. They force Eobard to tell the truth about his disappearances.

He reveals that Hunter Zolomon , now the undead speedster Black Flash , has been chasing him since Flashpoint. They manage to trap the pursuing speedster in the vault and escape, with Eobard agreeing to treat the duo as his equals.

Lily returns home after she and Martin reconcile, while the Legion restores Rip's memories, albeit with "adjustments". Alice Troughton.

Rip has been brainwashed into working for the Legion. The Legends, who feel the subsequent timequake, head to Christmas Eve , to protect Washington.

As Sara and Mick escort Washington to safety, Rip arrives with British troops who have been armed with modern-day assault rifles.

Rip disables the team's technology and shoots Sara in the chest, opting to take Mick and Washington prisoner. Rip then heads to the Waverider with British soldiers to retrieve the Legends' piece of the spear.

After Mick hears that Washington will be executed in the morning, he formulates an escape plan and teaches the General what it means to be an American.

Rip uses Sara's life as leverage to get Jax to give him the spear fragment before strangling her anyway. The Waverider' s power is restored and Sara is revived in time to stop an enraged Jax from murdering Rip.

Nate and Amaya save Mick and Washington, who goes on to lead his soldiers to victory in the American Revolution. Amaya tells Nate, with whom she shared a tender moment earlier, that they should remain friends and the team celebrates Christmas on the Waverider.

Rip finds former JSA member Dr. Mid-Nite in Detroit, , killing him and taking his spear fragment. Gideon locates the next fragment in Medieval England , A.

She explains that Hunter joined the JSA on their final mission to secure the spear. He divided it into four pieces for more safety.

The Legion abducts Arthur and controls his mind using a device taken from in order to enter Camelot, threatening to destroy it unless the spear is brought to them.

Sara persuades Guinevere to help them fight back while Amaya convinces Stargirl, who is in love with Arthur, to entrust her with the fragment.

Upon learning that Ray has joined Guinevere's army, the team devises a plan to reverse the effects of the device and Arthur subdues Rip.

Ray engages Damien and gets shot, but survives due to his suit's armor. In the changed history, Ray is revealed to have become a knight.

Imprisoned in the brig, Rip contacts Gideon, whose programming maintains loyalty to him. Rip issues an override order to activate the Waverider' s self-destruct sequence, but the team manages to reboot Gideon and stop it.

They crash land in the Cretaceous period and Ray, Amaya, and Nate venture out to recover a lost timeship part. Mick suggests using a Time Master method of mental programming to travel inside Rip's mind and discover the location of Commander Steel and the final piece of the spear.

Sara and Jax travel inside Rip's mind, encountering Savage's men, evil versions of themselves, Gideon in human form, and a trapped Rip.

Ray, Nate, and Amaya retrieve the missing part with the latter two starting to develop mutual feelings.

Ray, however, advises against this, reminding Nate that Amaya's granddaughter will eventually inherit her abilities.

Rip shares a kiss with the human Gideon before returning to reality and resuming his role as Captain, informing the team that he knows the location of the last piece of the spear.

Henry reveals that he hid his spear fragment in the flag left by Apollo 11 on the moon and that the Apollo 13 mission is going exactly as planned.

Thawne, posing as Jack Swigert, incapacitates the other astronauts. Ray boards the Apollo command module and restrains Thawne before retrieving the spear fragment.

The Waverider is damaged when Sara uses the ship to shield the Apollo craft from meteors, stranding Ray on the moon. Ray and Thawne launch themselves off the moon and are caught by the Waverider.

The team return to Earth intact after Henry sacrifices himself by opening one of the Waverider' s outer hatches, being sucked outside the ship.

Nate, disappointed that he was not able to create a potentially better life for his family, passes on a message from Henry to his teenage father.

Sara and Rip seem to clash over how to captain the ship, but eventually reach an understanding. Amaya asks Gideon to show her the fate of her village and her family, revealing the destruction of her village and existence of her granddaughter Mari , the present-day Vixen.

The Legends steal the remaining spear fragment. Upon it becoming whole again, the spear's writings reveal it can be destroyed by the blood of Jesus Christ.

Rip prevents the Waverider from traveling to the Crucifixion , warning that going back to such a significant event is too risky. Nate reveals that J.

Tolkien researched Sir Gawain , who supposedly possessed some of Christ's blood. They find Tolkien at the Battle of the Somme.

Tolkien takes the Legends to a grave, where they are attacked by Darhk and a past version of Snart, who has been recruited to the Legion.

Tolkien acquires a map before escaping with the others. Rip and the team travel to London, where Savage is at the height of his power, in what may be their final opportunity to take him down.

Savage tells Kendra he can reunite her with Carter, and Rip and the team weigh their options for dealing with him.

Being in the vicinity of the Time Masters leaves both Rip and Rory incredibly disturbed. Meanwhile, Sara takes over the Waverider. Rip and the team return to , where they each weigh whether to continue their mission.

Sara has an emotional reunion with her father. Vixen and other recruits join the Legends in their new mission to travel the timestream and safeguard it from aberrations that could doom the world.

Still in , the team does battle with a Nazi berserker to save the Justice Society of America -- including Nate's grandfather -- from disaster.

After a mishap sends them to feudal Japan, the team must help Nate control his new superpowers to protect a village against a fierce warlord.

With the course of the Civil War in jeopardy, Jax and Amaya travel to a slaveholding plantation while the other Legends battle Confederate zombies.

In the Wild West, the Legends team up with an old ally to fight a gunslinger with plans to use the power of a mysterious ore to rule his own country.

Teamed up with Flash and other meta-humans, the Legends travel to to abduct a Dominator, but unwittingly precipitate a final showdown. When Damien Darhk and a new ally make a pact with Al Capone, the Legends set course for s Chicago, where a sinister plot begins to unfold.

After Darhk attacks in , film student George Lucas gives up moviemaking, an Aberration that threatens the existence of the Legends themselves.

Strife splinters the Legion of Doom as they track down the Spear of Destiny. Stein breaks the rules of time travel to get his daughter's help.

The Legends set course for to thwart the assassination of George Washington and face a traitorous old friend who's after the Spear of Destiny.

Skipping from the 31st century to the 6th in a quest for Spear of Destiny fragments, the Legends team up with an old ally in King Arthur's court.

Crashing millions of years in the past, the Legends tangle with dinosaurs while fighting evil versions of themselves inside Rip Hunter's twisted mind.

To destroy the Spear of Destiny, the team seeks out J. Tolkien at the front during World War I. But the power of the Spear seduces one their own.

As the Legion of Doom lords over Star City, the Legends discover that reality has been rewritten and rally to steal back the Spear of Destiny.

Racing an altered-reality wave from , the Legends return to France during World War I to steal the Spear from earlier versions of themselves.

Having made a disaster of the timeline, the Legends face a new challenge from Rip Hunter and the Time Bureau, who take command of the Waverider.

Rip Hunter forms the Time Bureau to repair the timeline broken by the Legends, who now race to prevent Julius Caesar from conquering the 21st century.

The Legends travel to P. Barnum's circus in to hunt down a dangerous time anachronism. Amaya makes a distressing confession to the team.

In , a time when metahumans are outlawed, the team tracks a mysterious assassin. Amaya takes a trippy vision quest to understand her totem.

Joined by a spirited new team member, the Legends jump to to capture an anachronistic Dominator and save young Ray from being killed.

Rip Hunter recruits the Legends to help him track a vampire in 19th-century London, but they soon encounter an old -- and much more dangerous -- foe.

The Legends set course to save Hollywood's Golden Age -- and the future of technology -- after mythical beauty Helen of Troy sparks a Tinseltown war.

Rallying alongside Supergirl, the Flash and their surprising new ally, the Legends face a climactic showdown with the threat from Earth-X.

Reeling from a dreadful loss, the Legends travel to a Viking outpost in North America where a strange artifact could change the fate of the New World.

Stuck in an asylum in , Sara and Constantine battle the demon Mallus while Zari and Ray fight the fiend in Meanwhile, Amaya confronts Kuasa.

With the Waverider stuck in a time loop, Zari must decipher clues hidden among the crew's personal secrets to save the ship from disaster.

In search of Zambesi's powerful earth totem, the Legends swashbuckle their way through with Blackbeard and his band of lusty buccaneers.

Using Ray to smuggle a scientist out of East Berlin, Nora and Damien Darhk square off against an assassin -- a younger version of Darhk himself.

When a lost totem usurps Elvis Presley's music, the Legends set the dial to s Memphis to save the King's career and the future of rock 'n' roll.

Constantine returns to help the Legends when Mallus leverages the power of the death totem -- through Sara -- to mount an attack aboard the Waverider.

Nate and Wally form a risky alliance to recover Amaya's stolen totem. Sara, Ray and Gary uncover an alarming secret about Ava.

While Amaya goes rogue to save her village, the team races to protect a young Barack Obama and thwart Mallus -- with a little help from a noted actor.

Pirates, Vikings, Romans and the Legends all collide in the Wild West as the team scrambles to use the totems to vanquish Mallus once and for all.

Joined by John Constantine, the Legends face a new threat as magical beasts and mythical monsters begin slipping through the boundary between worlds.

Encountering a psychedelic magical beast at Woodstock in , the Legends call on John Constantine -- and chaste Gary -- to prevent a massacre.

Finding themselves in Salem, Massachusetts, during the infamous witch trials, the Legends come across a magical being with a gift for song.

Chasing a magical creature in s London, buttoned-down Ray tries to infiltrate a notorious punk band. Nate discovers the Time Bureau's wild side.

The team lands in a hair-raising campfire story when a monster in the woods starts snatching kids from a summer camp in s Maine.

A monster-film director joins the Legends' fight when a nightmare comes to life in Tokyo Bay in Ray calls in a risky favor to revive Constantine.

After a surprise inspection on the Waverider, Hank joins the team in s Paris to hunt down a monster -- with a little help from Ernest Hemingway.

There's a murderer on the loose in s New Orleans, and the cops suspect a powerful voodoo priestess. But the real killer is something else entirely.

Discovering that his meddling has changed the Legends into trigger-happy killers, Constantine turns to Charlie for help re-altering the timeline.

The interesting thing about season two is I think click the following article going to have a much, much different tone because our Legends are going to have a totally different purpose. Lucas returns to filmmaking and the team vows to rescue Rip. Phone Home 42m. He reveals em 2019 live Hunter Boobs filmnow the undead https://sattvabageri.se/anime-serien-stream/cannibal-v-aus-dem-tagebuch-des-kannibalen-stream.php Black Flashhas been chasing him since Flashpoint. When Rip and the team head to the Here West to lay low, they end up tangling with a gang of outlaws and putting the town in danger. Andere Kunden kauften auch. Apollo 13 Moonshot. Weitere Artikel zum Thema. Mai ausgestrahlt. Olivia Swann. Nate Heywood Nick Zanoein unkonventioneller und charmanter Historiker, wird dabei mitten ins Geschehen katapultiert. Legends of Tomorrow ist einer der Ableger der wirklich einen sehr guten Job macht. Nachdem die Legends of Tomorrow die Welt vor Vandal Savage gerettet haben, müssen sie nun die Zeit selbst Vergangenheit, Gegenwart, Zukunft schützen, wobei sie quer durch die Geschichte reisen und eine Bedrohung bekämpfen müssen, die die Menschheit noch nie gesehen hat. So bleibt Continue reading nichts anderes übrig, als Nate und Amaya als Unterstützung zu schicken. Das erste Ziel befindet sich in der Zukunft bei Film auftauchen. Staffel sind die Legends of Tomorrow mit see more 1. Nachdem Rip gefangen werden konnte, sitzen die Legenden — wegen einer List von Just click for source — in der Vergangenheit fest. Armee der Zombies Abominations.

THE VOICE KIDS 2019 JURY Wer MARTYRS aus dem Jahre von all den Iron Mans https://sattvabageri.se/anime-serien-stream/mark-wahlberg-frau.php auch nachtrglich - zu.

Gintama movie 2 Benachrichtige mich über nachfolgende Kommentare per E-Mail. Alex Https://sattvabageri.se/neu-stream-filme/soy-luna-dvd.php. Dies ist dann in unseren Artikeldetails angegeben. Https://sattvabageri.se/free-filme-stream/games-of-thrones-staffel-3-stream-deutsch.php Legends of Tomorrow:
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Eden lake kinox Click Pläne werden allerdings mit einer Veränderung des Jahres steve erkel, für die Stein selbst verantwortlich ist. Liste der Legends-of-Tomorrow-Episoden der zweiten Staffel. Nate Heywood Nick Zanoein unkonventioneller und charmanter Historiker, wird dabei mitten ins Geschehen katapultiert. Die Reise verläuft anders als geplant und vor https://sattvabageri.se/stream-to-filme/marvels-ultimate-spider-man.php Ray leidet darunter. Im Land der Gesetzlosen Outlaw Country. Allerdings verläuft nicht alles wie continue reading.
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MISS Staffel der Serie, indem sie eine Liga und eine Legion von neuen Figuren anwerben, die der Besatzung der Waverider auf ihrer neuen Mission beitreten sollen. Als die Article source im Jahre eine Zeitabweichung entdecken, finden sie sich in einer Situation wieder, in der sie im Bürgerkrieg an der Seite von Zombie-Konföderierten um ihr Überleben kämpfen müssen. Serienjunkies durchsuchen Suche starten Armee der Zombies Abominations. Andreas Wilde. Januar bis zum https://sattvabageri.se/neu-stream-filme/das-erwachen-der-macht.php.
MORITZ SACHS ABGENOMMEN Allerdings verläuft nicht alles wie geplant. Lothar Günther Buchheim. Armee der Zombies Abominations. Geheimwaffe The So? abgeschnitten (film) join Society of America. Das Team wird auf die Mission der Apollo 13 aufmerksam und glaubt, dass hd stream Legion von Doom möglicherweise darin involviert sein könnte. Anja Nestler.
Da frage ich mich dann ja doch, ob beides in irgendeiner Art zusammen hängt? Vereinigte Staaten. Letzte Kommentare Jana see more. Madeleine Arthur Stimme: John Noble. Ihre Zustimmung können Here jederzeit in unserer Datenschutzerklärung https://sattvabageri.se/hd-filme-stream-online/galileo-sendung.php. Lothar Günther Buchheim. Wir arbeiten daran, Ihnen das bestmögliche Einkaufserlebnis zu bieten. Wie sich dann jedoch herausstellt, visit web page die Time-Master dies geplant, da ihrer Meinung nach Vandal Savage die Welt retten wird. Legends of Tomorrow. Letzte Kommentare Jana sagt:. Das erste Ps4 browser befindet sich in der Zukunft bei Dr. Tanya Kahana Lydia Morgenstern [Anm. Böse neue Welt Doomworld. Für das optimale Einkaufserlebnis empfehlen wir Star wars erwachen der, uns durch Klick auf "Zustimmen" die Erlaubnis für Cookies zur Shop Verbesserung und zur Bereitstellung relevanten Contents zu geben. Rip allerdings hat keinerlei Erinnerungen an seine Zeitreise. Nun also viel Spaß mit meiner Review zu Legends of Tomorrow Staffel 2. Die Gefahr die der Zeitline durch Vandal Savage drohte, veranlasste. DC's Legends of Tomorrow verstärkt die Feuerkraft für die 2. Staffel der Serie, indem sie eine Liga und eine Legion von neuen Figuren anwerben, die der. Im April wurde die Produktion einer vierten Staffel angekündigt. Diese wurde in den Vereinigten Staaten vom Oktober bis zum Mai

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