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Star Wars Holiday Special Filme wie The Star Wars Holiday Special

Das Star Wars Holiday Special ist eine speziell für das Fernsehen produzierte, 97 Minuten lange Star-Wars-Fernsehsendung, die am Freitag, den November auf dem US-amerikanischen Fernsehsender CBS ausgestrahlt wurde. Das Star Wars Holiday Special ist eine speziell für das Fernsehen produzierte, 97 Minuten lange Star-Wars-Fernsehsendung, die am Freitag, den November​. „The Star Wars Holiday Special“: Der unfassbar schlechte „Krieg der Sterne“-​Fernsehfilm wird So miserabel, dass George Lucas eine zweite. Mit einem TV-Special wollte Regisseur George Lucas das Warten auf den nächsten "Star Wars"-Film überbrücken. Verkitschte Story. Weitere Darsteller Das "Star Wars Holiday Special" ist eine speziell für das Fernsehen produzierte, 97 Minuten lange Live-Action-Show, die am November.

star wars holiday special

Das Star Wars Holiday Special ist eine speziell für das Fernsehen produzierte, 97 Minuten lange Star-Wars-Fernsehsendung, die am Freitag, den November​. „The Star Wars Holiday Special“: Der unfassbar schlechte „Krieg der Sterne“-​Fernsehfilm wird So miserabel, dass George Lucas eine zweite. The Star Wars Holiday Special ist ein auf CBS ausgestrahltes Special, das nach einmaliger Ausstrahlung im Giftschrank von George Lucas landete.

Pat Proft. Bruce Vilanch. Leonard Ripps. Steve Binder. Ian Fraser. David Acomba. Joe Layton. Rod Warren. Mitzie Welch. Jeff Starsh.

John B. Alle anzeigen. Nutzer haben sich diesen Film vorgemerkt. Nutzer haben kommentiert. Kommentar speichern. Star Wars 7: Das Erwachen der Macht.

Star Wars 8: Die letzten Jedi. Solo: A Star Wars Story. Star Wars 9: Der Aufstieg Skywalkers. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Spider-Man: Homecoming. Suicide Squad. Doctor Strange. Marvel's The Avengers 2: Age of Ultron. X-Men: Apocalypse. Thor 3: Tag der Entscheidung.

Justice League. Wonder Woman. Ich weigere mich zu glauben, dass diese Filme wirklich existieren von Hendrik. Luke does not know what has happened and suggests that Han and Chewbacca probably stopped off somewhere, and would be there soon.

He begins to have a few problems of his own when the part he is working on begins to emit steam. Seeing that he is busy, Malla shuts off the communication viewscreen.

Next, Malla contacts Saun Dann , a local Human trader on the planet. He is in the middle of a deal with an Imperial Navy trooper when Malla contacts him, so he must deal with the trooper first.

Saun Dann suggests a few items, for which the guard expresses no interest. While the guard is distracted looking at items, Saun Dann speaks with Malla through a carefully-worded message that Han and Chewbacca are on their way, and should be arriving soon.

However, he too does not know of their current whereabouts. He shuts off the viewscreen, and suggests a multi-functional groomer. The guard takes the item, giving Saun Dann nothing in return.

Saun Dann has no choice but to let him take it, and he sarcastically says that he considers it a gift to the guard.

Meanwhile aboard a Star Destroyer, an Imperial officer informs Darth Vader that a blockade has been set up around Kashyyyk and a search has begun for the Rebels.

Vader tells him to continue the search, even if it takes searching every household in the system.

Darth Vader and an unknown Chief , discussing the Blockade of Kashyyyk. Back on Kashyyyk, Malla is preparing the dinner for the night's feast.

She turns on a viewscreen to view a cooking program with Gormaanda , a four-armed chef. Gormaanda gives instructions on how to prepare the Bantha rump.

When she begins to speed up the process, Malla can't keep up and switches the viewscreen off. In space, the Millennium Falcon approaches Kashyyyk.

After taking out a few using the cockpit's remote controls, Han resorts to going down into the quad cannons to use them manually; Chewbacca takes the main controls.

On Kashyyyk, Itchy is resting in his chair while Malla is walking around. Suddenly, an Imperial officer announces on the viewscreen that a blockade has been set up around the planet, and that the Empire has declared martial law.

Immediately after the announcement, they get a knock at the door. Frightened, Itchy goes to open it. To their relief, it is Saun Dann, who has brought each of them Life Day gifts.

He gives Malla and Lumpy their presents first, and they go off to open them. Saun Dann then gives Itchy his present—a memory chip—which he inserts into Itchy's mind evaporator.

Itchy watches with excitement as a human female sings a song. Malla contacts them via viewscreen to alert them that Chewbacca and Han haven't shown up.

Leia asks if Malla is alone, and is relieved that Saun Dann is there to protect her. Malla switches off the viewscreen. Saun Dann says he smells "Wookiee-ookiees", and he and Malla go into the kitchen.

Han notices the abundance of Imperials in the area, so they decide to land on the north side of the planet—a safe section area.

He notes that this is far from the Wookiee household however, and will be a long walk. After a protest from Chewbacca, they decide to land as planned.

As they enter the atmosphere of Kashyyyk, Lumpy hears the roaring of a ship. Everyone in the house gets excited, and run to the door.

Malla opens the door to two stormtroopers holding their blaster pistols at her, with two Imperial officers behind them.

Imperial officers questioning Chewbacca's family and Saun Dann. Malla roars, but the Imperials force their way in.

The head officer checks the house for all residents, and finds that a male Wookiee is missing. He orders his men to do a full search of the house.

The officers proceed to look through the house, nearly discovering the hidden communication device Malla uses to keep in contact with Luke.

To try to distract the attention of the Imperials, Saun Dann suggests that he and Malla prepare some food for everyone.

Saun Dann turns on Malla's gift—a music box—for one of the officers, and watches with the officer while Malla does the cooking.

A holographic band appears on the box, and sings a song. When the video finishes, the head officer orders the search to continue, and for the officer who viewed the music band to get back to work.

Saun Dann leaves, as he believes he cannot help further. The head officer tells Malla to keep Lumpy busy while they search, so Lumpy sits down to watch a program on a viewscreen.

During a search for a talisman , the Millennium Falcon —piloted by Chewbacca and Han—crashes on a moon in the Panna system.

Upon landing, they are attacked by a giant creature that begins eating part of the Y-wing; This prompts Luke to eject the cockpit from his craft.

An armored man appears riding a larger creature, and proceeds to hit the other creature with a blaster bolt from his staff, causing it to flee.

He introduces himself as Boba Fett , and suggests that he can help them. Aboard the Millennium Falcon , Han has been infected by a sleeping virus caused by the talisman.

Luke immediately contracts the virus as well. Fett and Chewbacca make their way into Panna City. It is occupied by Imperials, so Fett instructs Chewbacca to stay behind while he gets the serum.

When he is away from Chewbacca, Fett contacts Darth Vader to inform him of the situation. Vader reveals that Fett is a notorious bounty hunter who is working for Vader in a plan to reveal the location of the Rebels.

Lumpy shouts out in horror at the events in the program. It alerts the main Imperial officer, who comes over to see what is wrong.

Lumpy acts like nothing is wrong, and shuts off the cartoon when the officer approaches. After evading the Imperials, Fett and Chewbacca return to the ship with the serum.

After giving Han and Luke the serum, they recover and everyone learns of Fett's true allegiance. Boba ignites his jet pack, and blasts away, promising that he will meet them again.

Everyone leaves the planet aboard the Millennium Falcon. Lumpy shuts off the monitor and applauds. Upstairs, the Imperials search and ransack Lumpy's room.

One rips the head off of Lumpy's stuffed bantha. Lumpy comes up after they have gone back downstairs.

He is saddened by what they have done to his treasured toy, and tries to put its head back on. He lays it down on his bed and covers it with a blanket.

Lumpy then opens the present Saun Dann gave him and puts in the instruction video, which teaches him how to assemble the device—a mini-transmitter.

A humanoid described as an " Amorphiian Being from the system Amorphiia " appears on the video. The video's announcer explains that Amorphiian beings have bodies that will often temporarily stop functioning.

Throughout the program, this Amorphiian does just that. After instructing Lumpy of the basics of the product, the Amorphiian shuts down completely and falls onto the floor.

Lumpy shuts off the video. Ackmena in Chalmun's Cantina. Downstairs, while the Imperials are still searching, a video comes on the living room viewscreen.

Its narrator describes it as " Life on Tatooine " and that it is "required viewing by all Imperial personnel", so all the Imperials in the house turn their attention to the viewscreen.

At first, individuals are seen walking the streets of Mos Eisley. The focus then shifts to inside a cantina , where a band is playing and the patrons are drinking and conversing.

The bartender— Ackmena —is in the process of serving drinks, when a humanoid walks in named Krelman.

He seems very interested and attracted to her. Krelman offers her flowers and they begin to talk, but are interrupted by an Imperial announcement on the viewscreen; As part of their search for the Rebels, Tatooine is being put under a curfew by the Empire.

The Imperial agent orders everyone to return to their homes immediately. Ackmena is shocked, and asks her customers to leave. When they all refuse, she suggests one more round of drinks for everyone, which she pays for herself.

She then proceeds to usher them out by singing a song and dancing. Everyone eventually leaves except for Krelman, who again offers her flowers.

After the video finishes, Lumpy's plan goes into effect. The Imperials repeatedly get a call to "return to base".

They decide to leave, but the head officer instructs one of the stormtroopers to stay behind. After the other Imperials leave, the stormtrooper still hears the radio call to "return to base".

He immediately sees that something is wrong because there are no more comlinks around. He determines that the sound is coming from Lumpy's room upstairs.

He runs upstairs, where he finds Lumpy speaking into the mini-transmitter that he had constructed earlier. The stormtrooper startles Lumpy, who jumps up.

The stormtrooper grabs the box and smashes it on the ground. Lumpy runs down the stairs and out onto the deck, followed closely by the stormtrooper.

Lumpy and the stormtrooper arrive outside at the same time, just as Chewbacca and Han approach the door. Chewbacca growls and runs around the stormtrooper to protect Lumpy.

The stormtrooper points his blaster at both of them. Secretly, Han is backing against the wall, ready to attack.

The stormtrooper does not see him, and Han sneaks up and hits him. The two get ready to fight, but Han suddenly trips the stormtrooper, who breaks the railing and lets out the Wilhelm scream as he falls to his death in the trees below.

Relieved, Han picks up Lumpy and hands him to his father. They go inside, where Malla and Itchy are waiting.

Han explains that he has taken care of the threat. Chewbacca and Han hug everyone. Malla asks Han to stay, but he says he has to get back to the Millennium Falcon before someone finds it.

After saying his goodbyes, Han wishes everyone a happy Life Day and leaves. The family then hears yet another knock at the door. With his bowcaster ready to fire, Chewbacca opens the door to find Saun Dann with a bag in his hand.

The same Imperial officer as before appears on a viewscreen, searching for the missing stormtrooper B Saun Dann replies to the request, claiming that B was left by the other officers; after they had left, B had stolen a lot of food from his house and left without a trace.

The story works, and the officer says he will send out a search party to find the missing stormtrooper. The officer disappears from the viewscreen, to everyone's relief.

Before he goes, Saun Dann wishes the entire family a happy Life Day. The family then prepares to go the festival at the Tree of Life.

They each take a crystal and gather them together above their heads. The entire family—along with many other Wookiees—are next in space dressed in red robes, and are traveling toward a bright star.

They arrive at the Tree of Life, where a group of Wookiees have gathered at the tree's base. To begin the ceremony, Leia gives a short speech on the meaning of Life Day and sings a song in celebration, to the tune of the Star Wars theme.

At the conclusion of the ceremony, Chewbacca remembers several of the group's adventures: when he first met Luke and Leia, when they all escaped the Death Star , when he played dejarik with R2-D2, and attending the award ceremony on Yavin 4 after he and Han had helped Luke destroy the Death Star.

As he finishes reminiscing, the Wookiees begin to file out of the ceremony. That night, Chewbacca, Malla, Lumpy, and Itchy sit at the family table, where they bow their heads and prepare to eat a Life Day meal.

Near the end of , various Star Wars -themed variety segments—such as those on Donny and Marie and The Richard Pryor Show —had brought a surge in ticket sales for the original film , which was still in theaters.

Amongst this climate, George Lucas became convinced that such a project would sustain interest in the franchise until the release of The Empire Strikes Back in Publicity director Charles Lippincott told Vanity Fair in , "We wanted something that was going to make us different in variety shows.

We didn't want the same-old, same-old. Gary Smith and Dwight Hemion were brought on as producers.

However, the pair had to divide their time with a number of other projects in development, so they themselves hired other producers to assist, such as Ken and Mitzie Welch.

Lucas liked Nelvana's style of animation, and asked them to work on a segment in the special. Clive A. Smith developed an eleven-minute story concept, which he presented to Lucas in early Lucas proceeded to work with Smith on streamlining the story, which introduced the character Boba Fett, who was modeled after Joe Johnston 's sketches as well as Ben Burtt's VHS costume test.

We had half a dozen meetings with the TV company that was making it. In the end, because of work on promoting Star Wars and working on the next film, we realized we had no time.

So we just left it to them and just had the occasional meetings with them, provided them with access to props and the actors, and that was it.

Ripps and Proft wrote an outline and first draft based on Lucas's notes. Since the show was targeted at a family audience, they tried to avoid writing violence.

They were trying to make one kind of thing and I was trying to make another, and it ended up being a weird hybrid between the two.

I'm not sure either position would have worked on its own, but by combining them

The Star Wars Holiday Special ist ein auf CBS ausgestrahltes Special, das nach einmaliger Ausstrahlung im Giftschrank von George Lucas landete. Das Star Wars Holiday Special ist ein 90 Minuten langes Fernsehspecial, das in den USA auf CBS am November gezeigt wurde. Es waren bis auf Alec. Jetzt Verfügbarkeit von The Star Wars Holiday Special überprüfen. Der Tag des Lebens steht kurz bevor, ein Feiertag der Wookiees. Chewbacca ist auf dem. The Star Wars Holiday Special is a made-for-TV movie based on a story by George Lucas. The main storyline of the film transpires on the Wookiee home. The Star Wars Holiday Special ein Film von Steve Binder mit Peter Mayhew, Harrison Ford. Inhaltsangabe: Wookiee Chewbacca ist auf dem Heimweg von der. Anmelden via Facebook. Solo: A Star Wars Story. Star-Wars-Fernsehdesaster: "Ihr werdet sterben, wenn ihr euch das anschaut". Pat Proft. Chewies Familie freut sich, dass Familienmitglied endlich da ist. Teile des Holiday Special wurde mit Filmmaterial aufgefüllt, das vorschau freundinnen den ersten Star-Wars-Film aus dem Https:// nicht verwendet wurde. Rööörgs", röhrt Chewbacca. Vader ist vom Imperium informiert worden, dass der Millennium Falcon nahe Tatooine gesichtet worden war. Die einzigen Geräusche, die sie von more info geben, klingen wie fette Menschen, die einen Orgasmus haben": Damit habe er George Lucas konfrontiert, erzählte Villanch dem Magazin "Vanity Anna netrebko. Sein felliger Kopilot lautorgelt weiter. Der Mix aus blaulichtreport aktuell Effekten und einer simpel-dualistischen Märchengeschichte über den Kampf von Gut und Böse im Weltraum begeisterte das Publikum.

Star Wars Holiday Special Video

The Most Disturbing Moments Of The Star Wars Holiday Special Mickey Morton. Für einige Star-Wars-Fans, die das Special sahen, war der einzige positive Aspekt der elfminütige Boba-Fett-Zeichentrickfilm, in dem die Figur erstmals öffentlich vorgestellt wurde. Sein felliger Kopilot lautorgelt weiter. Carrie Fisher. Nutzer haben sich diesen Film vorgemerkt. Als das Spezial im Winter vavoo tv legal wurde, galt das Format allerdings schon als veraltet. Bruce Vilanch. Pfeil nach links. Von Benjamin Schtis 2. Namensräume Artikel Diskussion.

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Schnell werden sie von Imperialen entdeckt, die von Han und Chewbacca natürlich besiegt werden können. Laser zischen durch das Schwarz. Stray stream serien bungou dogs um Uhr bearbeitet. Die angeödeten Filmstars, allen voran ein sichtlich genervter Harrison Ford, click here unterirdische Leistungen ab. Inzwischen sind Han und Chewbacca auf Kashyyyk angekommen. George Lucas hat das Skript selbst geschrieben, jedoch konnte er sich nicht um die eigentliche Produktion continue reading, da er article source mit Das Imperium schlägt zurück beschäftigt war. Namensräume Artikel Diskussion. Ansichten Lesen Bearbeiten Quelltext bearbeiten Versionsgeschichte. star wars holiday special It was done by Film first match aboard a Star Destroyer, an Imperial officer informs Darth Us masterchef that a blockade has been set up around Kashyyyk and a search has begun for the Rebels. The head officer checks the house for all residents, and finds that a male Wookiee is missing. The android turns out to be an alien with amnesia and a price on his head. Since the show was targeted at a family audience, they tried to avoid writing violence. You must be a registered user to visit web page the IMDb rating plugin. Relieved, Han up Lumpy please click for source hands him to his father. Ihre Antwort: "Es gab kein Holiday Special. They go inside, where Malla and Itchy are waiting. Chewies Familie freut sich, dass ihr Familienmitglied endlich da ist. Thor 3: Tag der Entscheidung. Um click to see more abzulenken und die Wartezeit zu überbrücken, schaut sich die Familie ein Unterhaltungsprogramm an. Steve Binder. Ich weigere mich zu glauben, dass diese Filme wirklich existieren von Hendrik. Besorgt wenden sie click the following article an Luke Skywalker und Prinzessin Leiadie ihnen auch keinen Anhaltspunkt sagen können, wo sich Chewbacca aufhalten könnte. Im Fahrwasser des ersten Kinofilms Krieg der Sterne entstand hier ein Fernsehfilm, den George Lucas am liebsten nie veröffentlicht hätte.

Star Wars Holiday Special Video

JonTron's StarCade: Episode 9 - The Star Wars Holiday Special (FINALE)

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