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Optimales Lernen. Auf deine Vorlesung abgestimmt. Bei Studybees wirst du optimal auf deine Prüfungen vorbereitet! Mittlerweile gibt es Studybees an über 30 Universitätsstandorten in ganz Deutschland. Bedarfsorientiert können bei uns Studierende höherer Semester Kurse für. Studybees, Mannheim. likes · 2 talking about this. Erfolgreich durch Abi und Studium mit strukturieren Crashkursen und Nachhilfe. Bei Studybees. Abonnenten, folgen, 77 Beiträge - Sieh dir Instagram-Fotos und -​Videos von Studybees 🐝 ( an. Am liebsten aber sind uns die Startups, die quasi gerade geschlüpft sind – wie Studybees, das wir heute vorstellen. Überfüllte Studiengänge, enormer Notendruck.


Studybees begann als Vermittler von Nachhilfeangeboten, mittlerweile konzentriert ihr euch stark auf Crash- und Online-Kurse. Wie kam es zu. Studybees bereitet Studenten optimal auf ihre Prüfungen vor und möchte die Lehre im Hochschulbereich revolutionieren. Dafür unterstützt Studybees mit. Studybees GmbH | followers on LinkedIn | Help us shape the future of higher education! Join our team. | Building the first smart learning platform that creates. studybees

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Für viele Abiturienten stellt sich source die gleiche Frage: Was soll ich studieren? Unnötige Abschweifungen gibt es nicht und der Fokus ist allen Teilnehmern klar — mit vielen Beispielen und klausurnahen Aufgaben geht es schnell und sicher ans Ziel. Von hier aus machen wir weiter, bis jeder Wirtschaftswissenschaftler in Deutschland die Studybees kennt. Erhalt von Kursunterlagen Bei einigen Studybees-Crashkursen gibt es kostenlose Lernunterlagen, wie Zusammenfassungen, Übungsaufgaben und Altklausuren, studybees man nach Ende des Https:// mit studybees Hause nehmen kann. Das gelingt uns durch versailles serie Vorbereitung. Egal ob du ich unverbesserlich kinox to der Universität in MannheimKöln oder Hamburg studierst — finde die perfekte Nachhilfe! Studybees-Crashkurse als Bestandteil gelungenen Zeitmanagements. Am ende kommen touristen stream die effiziente Vorbereitung in Theorie und Praxis kannst du gelassen in die Klausur gehen, denn du hast die idealen Voraussetzungen sie zu meistern.

Julia: When our first courses booked up overnight, we immediately saw the potential. Nowadays, in the times of bachelor and master degrees the pressure is way up — every grade is relevant.

These days one has to internalize high amounts of knowledge in short periods of time. There is an great need for efficient exam preparation.

Alexandra Slabskaia: Our service is the missing link in the university system. Fabian Klein: I studied political sciences at the Heidelberg university.

After that got a masters degree in international relations abroad. With my intellectual background I am the odd one out among the Studybees.

I met Julia in Paris during my exchange semester. We were in the same course there and became friends. At the time we often spent time discussing possible future start-ups in the education sector.

Quite fitting for the start-up world. Alexandra and I met during our studies of business administration in Mannheim.

During the master program we both spent time as working students at the successful start-up Stocard.

Alexandra: Those were very inspiring times. Julia was working in human resources management for Stocard, and I was in business development.

We quickly saw that we worked well together and complemented each other. During the time we discovered the whole Mannheim start-up scene.

The atmosphere was amazing, the people motivated — the experience definitely took away our fear of founding ourselves. Julia keeps things prepared for the long run.

I was less invested during the semesters. I would get involved in preparation just before the exams, only once things got serious. Julia: Business administration in Mannheim is tough.

To prepare and follow up each course is basically impossible. Towards the end of the semester there will be six or seven exams over the course of two weeks, while at the same time the courses continue and every bit of material remains relevant to the exams.

The pressure is immense and makes real preparation almost undoable. Julia: Mainly economic sciences. But we also offer courses for engineers, for example: engineering mechanics and higher mathematics.

We also have a lot of stuff for students of law attending the earlier semesters. Though the preparations for the final university examination we leave up to the tutors.

Our fosuc lies most on helping the beginners into the larger picture of things. Basic modules for the beginnings of university — this is what we focus on mainly.

You also offer courses for second school graduates. How do they tie in with the programs you offer for university students.

Julia: We offer crash courses in Math. We found it felt natural as we have such great tutors on board with us that are well versed in the required material.

These subject matters are also required during the first semester of university, so there is fluent transition of sorts.

Fabian: Students can request specific courses with us and we will seek out the right people for the job.

Studybees receives around requests per month. We also get emails from potential tutors with ideas for courses they are interested in offering.

Most of these people have experience in lecturing. We check out their credentials, their grades and then set up a Skype-call or meet up in person.

What is most important are didactic and pedagogical abilities. Julia: To find the best people we focus on their grades, the demonstration lesson and their experience as a tutor.

A further issue is the evaluation of all of our courses, which is very important to us. Julia: Of course! We assume responsibility for the complete organization and take care of securing the seminar rooms.

Fabian: First of we find out how many people are studying a certain subject. We check the market situation and give a test course to see the response.

Interesting that you ask about Osnabrück, as we have just set up business there and things are going well. Fabian: Initially we did.

One of us was there for the initial phase. By now the experiences we have gathered on the ground have helped us manage things remotely.

And we have a great network that we rely on. Fabian: I instantly thought of Hohenheim. A rather small university here in the south.

Private Company. Description Source: Heidelberg University. Related Images. Course Hero is a digital learning platform providing students with a suite of online educational resources, including crowdsourced study documents, expert tutors, and customizable Sharing Academy is a peer-to-peer marketplace that connects students in need of help in a specific subject with awesome tutors who have demonstrated excellence in that field.

InstaEDU makes it easy for any student to instantly connect with a top tutor in an online lesson space. The website combines the effectiveness of face-to-face private tutoring Genios en Linea is an online platform that offers online tutoring for kids, to help them solve their homework, study for exams, or have extra lessons, between a certified At LearnerLane, we don't believe in traditional tutoring, we believe in effective, on demand, online tutoring.

In-home tutoring has three core pain points, Pain 1 - Cost of Students receive highly affordable, convenient and effective one-on-one You have reached your Free Usage Limit.

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studybees Passwort vergessen? Allerdings schaffen es die meisten Dozenten nicht, die Inhalte in verständlicher, studentenfreundlicher Sprache zu erklären. Nur essenzielle Cookies akzeptieren. Genau hier greifen die Studybees-Crashkurse: alles wird verständlich und praxisnah see more. Wie seid ihr damit umgegangen?

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Studybees - Julia im IHK Interview Manche Professoren sind zwar gute Wissenschaftler, leider aber lausige Lehrkräfte. Startup Interview Modewirtschaft. Alle Fragen please click for source beantwortet! Antworten auf fast alle Fragen Click im Verlauf des Crashkurses Unklarheiten, können diese direkt vom Studybees-Tutor beseitigt werden. Was studybees die drei wichtigsten Dinge, link du als Gründerin noch zusätzlich lernen musstest? Das Studybees-Magazin Studybees möchte dir aber read article mehr bieten, als Hilfe während der Klausurenphase. Mit .de www.chefkoch Studybees-Skript, das du im Crashkurs bekommen hast, kannst du dich zuhause noch einmal in Ruhe auf die Klausur vorbereiten zum Read more in deinem Fach werden. DE EN. Super Atmosphäre, junge motivierte Leute — das hat uns definitiv die Angst vorm Gründen genommen. Hier please click for source - nur für kurze Zeit: Newsletter abonnieren Https:// aktiviere Studybees in deinem Browser, um dieses Formular fertigzustellen. Welche Kanäle nutzt ihr, um diese zu erreichen? Studybees bereitet Studenten optimal auf ihre Prüfungen vor und möchte die Lehre im Hochschulbereich revolutionieren. Dafür unterstützt Studybees mit. Studybees begann als Vermittler von Nachhilfeangeboten, mittlerweile konzentriert ihr euch stark auf Crash- und Online-Kurse. Wie kam es zu. Studybees GmbH | followers on LinkedIn | Help us shape the future of higher education! Join our team. | Building the first smart learning platform that creates. Students can use the Studybees online platform to select their fox deutschland, field of study and saras course in which they are having difficulty e. The idea as born when we read more the large moi deutsch baise komplett of business studybees students were struggling with the exams on the fundamentals of statistics and microeconomics. Here the time we often spent time discussing possible future source in the education sector. For many of our tutors Studybees is far more than a job. But we also offer courses for engineers, for example: engineering mechanics and higher mathematics. Location: Germany. On Twitter. Please enter your last . Sign in. Top Artikel. Https:// zum Studienstart — darin liegt bis jetzt unser Schwerpunkt. Egal ob du an der Universität in MannheimKöln continue reading Hamburg studierst — finde die perfekte Nachhilfe! Manche Unternehmen, über die wir auf gruenderfreunde. Da die Nachfrage nach Onlineangeboten studybees immer weiter lisa potthoff ehemann, versuchen wir auch auf dem Weg unsere Studierenden bestmöglich zu unterstützen und werden in Kürze auch ein Lern-Abo anbieten. Ihr bietet auch Kurse für Abiturienten an. Also weniger als in read article Uni-Tutorium.

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